View Full Version : ROG G751JY monitor lcd screen replacement

06-07-2017, 03:33 AM
I was replacing the battery on my laptop, as I was putting it back together, I caused static electricity. I put the computer back together and the computer works, but the screen is now flickering. I connected my laptop via HDMI to my tv and there's no issues using the computer.
I bought a refurbished screen off ebay and connected it, but I noticed that the backlight on the LCD wouldn't turn on, but I was able to view the desktop when I would point a flashlight on the screen. I messaged the seller and they claimed the monitor was working before removing it from their laptop.

Now, my question is if I only damaged the actual lcd screen or did I damage something on the motherboard which is causing my screen to flicker. Did the replacement screen that I bought off ebay happened to be defective? Only reason I'm thinking it was because the back light on the original lcd screen still turned on.

Does anyone know what the little black and white cables with the blue and red bands are? I accidentally damaged one of the round metal ends on one of the cables. So, I'm trying to find a replacement part.

Finally, can anyone direct me to the parts that I need? I'm a bit stumped on this and I've been having my laptop collecting dust for the past few months.