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06-08-2017, 07:57 AM
Hi dear guys ,overclockers and great enthusiasts& helpfull friends in ROG forum i Really need your comment
my build is :
i7 6850K OC@4.3 1.25v- 4.4 1.3v AND Cache fereq :3700 1.2v - CPU WATERCOOLER : EKWB Predator XLC 360

Motherboard: RAMPAGE V EDITION 10 BIOS 1503 - POWER : Corsair AX1500i

RAM:4x8GB GSKILL TRIDENTZ 3600 CL 16-36 CURRENTLY Runing on 3200 CL 14-14-14-34-CR1 with some tweaks in secondry timings.

Graphics Card:ASUS GTX 1070 OC STRIX >>>gpu clock@1910 - Memory Clock@9360 - voltage:100% & power target:120%

Windows 10 Pro 64 build 14393 Runing ON my INTEL 750 PCIE SSD 400 GB

Here is my Problem :
i Extraced RealBench 2.54 on my windows drive which is on my PCIE SSD so its fast enough
then i opened realbench and it Utilized my system (with the specs&settings Above) then i pushed START BENCHMARK and at the end of bechmark the H.264 Video Encoding SCOREs and HEAVY Multitasking SCOREs ARE So much LOWER than WHAT EXPECTED TO BE and COMPARED to SCORES of other 6850Ks EVEN THOSE WITH LOWER CPU FREQUENCIES and HIGHER RAM TIMINGS.
i have Tested like 20/30 times With cpu@ 4.3 and 4.4 and cpu cache of 3700 & 3800 AND ALSO Memory of 3467 Cl16-36 with tight secondry timings AND this 3200 CL14-34 With also tight secondry timings and in ALL 30 BENCHMARKS the Image Editing Score is Fine The OpenCL is Fine BUT ENCODING AND HEAVY Multitasking SCORES ARE ALWAYS SO MUCH LOWER IN ALL OF THEM THAN WHAT IT SHOULD BE. Encoding SCORE is always Around >>> 131 to 134 and Heavy Multitasking SCORE is always Around >>> 153 to 165 BUT ALL 6850Ks on the Leaderbords Page even with Lower ferequencies and higher Timings than mine ARE ALL AROUND Encoding of : 220 AND HeavyMultitasking of : 190 to 200 :|||||||||||| its really making me angry and crazyy WHATS THE PROBLEM YOU THINK???!! WHAT AM I MISSING THERE???!!!!

""" with intel Turbo max technology 3.0 Enabled or Disabled AND with low dram efficiency score on memtweakit OR high dram efficiency score on memtweakit ( higher and lower DRAM refresh interval input) No changes happen to the encoding and heavy multitaking scores the scores are ALL the SAME Everytime and nothing happens no matter what i do WHATEVER I DO The scores are LOW !!!!

Here are photos & infos >>>



Others 6850K Results:


Others 6 core 5820K Results :


OTHERS (6850K-5820K-5930K...) SCORES on RealBench Encoding SCORE and Heavy Multitasking SCORE >>> https://rog.asus.com/rog-pro/realbench-v2-leaderboard/?ipage=3&Laptop=desktop&CPU=intel&gpu=1&VGA=NVIDIA&cpuseq=i7&Core=Rampage&view=1

Please LET me know if you failed to see photos, the insert image option is not working

i Really Really Appreciate Your Suggestions AND YOU PROs and great guys out there for helping Me to make this Correct and Solve the issue :X

06-08-2017, 09:10 AM
hhmmm SO NOW accidently i saw another topic >> https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?92186-anyone-els-getting-low-scores-on-v-54 about this issue of "LOWER SCORES" in RealBench ( in my situation version 2.54)
and it seems that its because of Different Versions of RealBench benchmark (because of different formula on scores)
BUT im going to TEST other versions Like 2.44 and 2.43 and try the whole thing to check iF thats causing the Problem of my LOW scores on Encoding & Heavy Multitasking Compared TO SAME CPUs AND MEMORYs out there but it seems to be the versions differentitation because other 6850Ks which i posted the image was on RealBench 2.44

but i will be back and will tell you the RESULTS........

06-08-2017, 12:20 PM
Maybe try compare apples to apples... on the Leader Board you can select now the version of the RB for a fair comparison.
Different versions use different formulas to calculate the score - that is one reason you can see so much difference...
Beside the raw power of your hardware, fine tuning your software (OS) is also good for high scores - that is the an another reason you will see differences in scores...

06-08-2017, 02:22 PM
Also read the RealBench Tweaking thread, the tweaks work regardless of version