View Full Version : Problems with recently purchased MG248Q (pixel grid, color tone)

Rocket Scientist
06-09-2017, 07:09 AM
*Hello! 2 days ago I've purchased MG248Q and I experience 2 very annoying problems.

1) I've noticed that any refresh rate > 60Hz makes image pixelated. It's something like pixel grid becomes visible. More is refresh rate = pixel grid becomes more noticeable. At 144 Hz I can see this pixel grid at 80 cm distance away from monitor. It's noticiable in games and regular display usage (desktop, browser etc) Meanwhile picture at 60 Hz looks normal. No pixel grid.

2) Screen areas have different color tone. For example white color. Top of the screen looks like "dirty-white" color, meanwhile bottom of the screen looks like "snow-white" color. This is not much noticeable in games but on desktop, browser etc this is very noticeable especially on white backgrounds.

I really dissapointed with my purchase. Can I do something to solve this problems, because they are really annoying. Or may be my monitor is defective? Should I RMA monitor in this case? Can I RMA monitor in this case?

UPDATE: I tried to take a photo of 1st problem but no success, however with camera zoom I've noticed that this "pixel grid" actually a many of tiny grey lines but from distance looks like a grid. I guess this is a scanlines. After some research I found that decreasing refresh rate may help to get rid from these scanlines. Some people said it's a 120Hz, other - 100Hz. But doesen't matter. In my case scanlines are visible on any refresh rate above 60 Hz. They are a bit less visible but still visible enought to annoy.