View Full Version : G752VS comes back from a fix, Gaming Center modes non-existent now

06-21-2017, 10:25 PM
Hello, lads

I made a post on 13th of May about the issues my laptop had ran into (https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?93251-G752VS-laptop-crashes-gt-SSD-disappears-from-BIOS-Device-Manager-etc-other-issues&p=651420#post651420)

I took the laptop back to Switzerland to get it fixed... and they did fix it, but now certain things puzzle me:

1. I installed and reinstalled Gaming Center several times, but the drop-down menu where you choose between "Standard" and "Extreme" mode is no longer there, which means I can't switch between modes, and I'm unsure how my laptop runs;

2. I entered BIOS, and it no longer reads "G752VSK" where it should be, identical to the Gaming Center;

3. Although less relevant, when booting up, the spheres appear below the ROG logo, whereas they did not appear when I first got the laptop, and takes around 2-3 seconds longer to boot into Windows;

4. Least relevant, but perhaps worth mentioning, I am still having Planetside 2 problems as mentioned in my initial thread.

Any suggestions regarding these issues, particularly the first 2 regarding the missing laptop model name in both Gaming Center and BIOS?

Best wishes,

UPDATE: Oddly enough, I just downloaded and installed the "K" (overclockable) version of Gaming Center, and it works. What confuses me even more is that it said nowhere that this laptop model is a "K" one when I was buying it, whereas it says "G752VSK Signature Edition" when I open Control Panel > System and Security > System. I am utterly confused. If anyone can share any insight on this, please do so. Now that I have fixed this, the loading spheres under the ROG logo have taken priority level of getting on my nerves.

It's this model: https://www.steg-electronics.ch/de/article/G752VS-GC297T-20348510.aspx

UPDATE 2: These "evolving" textures in games are really annoying the hell out of me, considering they fixed everything with a stock OS and the problem still persists, it leads me to believe it is likely a hardware problem. When I play games, textures that are far away kind of "update" themselves and get higher-resolution as I approach and get closer to them, sometimes even changing shape slightly, like trees getting additional sets of branches, cliffs changing volume and such... has anyone ever had such problem? I am completely lost.

UPDATE 3: I recorded a 30-ish second long footage and uploaded it onto YouTube so you get the idea what I'm talking about: https://youtu.be/xqneYGPXtjA