View Full Version : G752VS-XB78 Trackpad mouse seem sluggish and jittery

06-26-2017, 09:54 PM
Hi: I am a new user and just purchased a G752VS-XB78. I am a artist and use my laptop to run 3d modeling sofware and photoshop.

This new laptop works great except for the trackpad which I find somewhat laggy especially when there is a program in use. Even minor programs running and downloading stuff seems to make the mouse a bit sluggish.

I re downloaded and installed the driver in case that was an issue. And I altered some of the mouse settings to improve the way the mouse functions, but I still think there is a perceptable lag like the mouse is under water or something.

It works okay with an external mouse, but i like the trackpad and want to be able to use it, but it seems like the driver software is quite right for this notebook

Any suggestions?