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07-05-2017, 02:14 AM
Hi all,

Would love some help on this one if anyone could give me some advice.

Last night my G750JS started giving me the BSOD. After a few restarts I noted it takes around 5 - 10mins after reaching desktop that it will BSOD again. I also noted that my D and E drives were disappearing from view and could not access them, add that to general all round sluggishness from the system.
I get the following error messages from the BSOD;

What failed: iaStorA.sys

From my searches it seems the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver has either failed? Corrupted... not entirely sure.
It seems I should uninstall the driver if I can find it which should fix my issues but I am unsure if I need to reinstall the driver at all and if that is the case do I need to get an Asus approved driver or work on the latest intel driver? I will need to do this within the short window my PC gives me before it BSOD again.

Could anyone shed some light on this for me, much appreciated. I have no idea how this suddenly came about, I checked for recent updates and nothing for over a couple weeks.

07-05-2017, 04:36 AM
Sounds like a crashing hard drive to me, there cheap put one in and see if you can Clone your current OS Drive to it.

07-05-2017, 06:08 PM
Sounds like a crashing hard drive to me, there cheap put one in and see if you can Clone your current OS Drive to it.
@Clintlgm is generally right - that's probably a HDD issue.
nontheless, before switching the HW, you can do a SW test to see if the HW is bad.

get free CrystalDiskInfo (http://crystalmark.info/software/CrystalDiskInfo/index-e.html) or HWInfo (https://www.hwinfo.com/), check for your HDD's s.m.a.r.t value if it's other then "OK". ( like warning, bad etc.. ).
pay attention to the "relocated sector count" -> if it's above the threshold -> YOUR DATA IS IN IMMEDIATE DANGER, you MUST replace the HDD at once.

I suggest that you upload screenshots of these diagnostic software so that we could better help you.

07-06-2017, 12:51 AM
Cheers, thanks for your input.
I will give that a go tonight and give the HDD a check.

Last night I managed to get on there and basically everything was working 100percent fine other than I could not access the HDD Drive (the OS runs on my SSD which seems to be running fine). My D and E Drives (partitioned) were not available to access at all, furthermore it started recognizing them as a BDRom drive. I don't have any virtual drives on my PC or any programs that create them so not sure what this is about. I tried updating the intel drivers as well just in case but everything was fully updated and also a restore point didn't solve the issue.
It is becoming more apparent it might be a HDD issue and may need replacing.

I will do those checks tonight and see what comes up, replacing the HDD would be a good result I feel, after seeing all those initial errors I was starting to worry.

07-10-2017, 01:24 AM
So completed the HD Tune Pro scan on all my drives and everything was ok in terms on health etc on the SSD.
The same applies for the HDD aside from the following;

(C7) Interface CRC Error Count - The status reads "attention"
Description: Number of interface communication errors: 686
Status: There were communication errors. This may be caused by a damaged cable.

Would the above errors be causing my original issues? if so is it just a matter or potentially replacing the SATA data cable perhaps? Which I could do myself?

Thanks again

07-10-2017, 03:33 PM
Not likely a cable you SSHD is crashing replace it with a real SSD, The Status you just described is a crashing hard drive.