View Full Version : The Asus ROG Centurion 7.1 is garbage

07-09-2017, 07:22 PM
I cannot believe the microphone and sound quality is that atrocious for the retail asking price on these things. I played with my pair for 24 hours and they are boxed up on my porch waiting for UPS to take them back. These things sound great if anything is in front of you, but the subwoofer doesn't even bother to engage with sounds behind you. Only the 20mm rear driver fires for sounds from the rear and it sounds like it's coming through a tin can. I honestly have to assume this headset is broken, this can't be the intended product Asus wanted to ship.

And how about that microphone, huh? I'm better off typing my communications. The microphone honestly sounds like the first ever wax recordings. And it's international, not just one warehouse slip up, this is a design fault that no one bothered to check. I found a few paid reviews from some pre-release YouTubers that actually had the gaul to speak into that microphone, hear the garbage that came through it and said, eh it's pretty good. Wow. Just wow. If you don't have a secondary microphone, these are unusable. And if you do have a secondary microphone, you might as well buy a DAC and legitament pair of studio headphones with double the frequency range.

How about that monstrous pre-amp controller? Pretty convenient, right? Anybody shut off the lights and look at it? Surprise, it's completely unusable now because not a single damned word or control scheme is illuminated. Republic of Gamers? You are supposed to be the group of like minded gamers that think of these things and deliver awesome products that are intuitive and innovative. But instead you completely miss including backlit lettering that has existed in keyboards for nearly 10 years? Thank God I play only during daylight hours with flood lights on my keys. None of that RGB nonsense for me.

I'm sorry if this seems a bit harsh but if you want $300 for heaphones, you need to excite me and leave me feeling overwhelmed and impressed. Instead, I feel like you just repackaged a strix pre-amp and threw some lead weights into a below average pair of home theater headphones. I'm utterly shocked and disappointed by this showing. Poor form.