View Full Version : G751JL dead

07-10-2017, 06:38 AM
I have got a G751JL which was bought in June 2015. Its not covered in warranty now. The battery had failed a couple of months before and I had it replaced for ~$100.
Today I tried to power on the laptop but it was dead. Only the power, airplane and num lock lights were coming on. The fans were not spinning nor was the display coming on. There was no drive activity led either.
After 2 days of trying to power on, the laptop booted but after 10 minutes suddenly powered off. I gave it to a service center but they said that its an issue with the motherboard and it will need to be replaced. I looked up online and the cost of a replacement board is ~$500.
Is it worth it to change it ? I had spent my 6 months worth of salary to purchase this laptop as I had been using Asus for my other PC builds and they never failed.
Has anyone encountered a similar issue with this model ? I am in a dilemma whether the laptop could be sold and to go for a PC build instead.