View Full Version : G750JX dead? Troubleshooting help please!

07-11-2017, 06:31 AM
Hello, here's the backstory to my problem:
Have a G750JX I bought back in 2013, had been running great until last year. The back of the case for the screen cracked making the screen very wobbly and loose resulting in the screen connections regularly getting unplugged. Had to open up the case several times to reconnect them until one day I must have either shorted the screen or some video component one of the boards - screen stopped working but computer still ran fine via HDMI out. I used the laptop just in desktop mode for the past year just fine with this handicap.

Current problem:
So I finally got around to ordering a used whole screen unit (from a G750JX, off of ebay) to replace my old one in hopes to use this thing as a laptop again... replaced the whole screen unit out and... wont start up. Blue leds for key backlighting and the power button light up (no activity lights on the front though), CPU cooling fan spins, but nothing from the harddrives, screen, board or bios otherwise so far as I can tell. No sparks, no smoke, or any other visible / audible trouble signs after replacing it, just won't start up. Also nothing out of the HDMI out anymore either.

Anyone have any advice on what to check? Are there any good tutorials you guys recommend where I can just run down a checklist with a multimeter and check functionality? Lastly, if it is a smoked motherboard, if I end up getting a replacement unit, will my default harddrive (windows 10) make a fuss about not recognizing the new motherboard, or is it a fairly straight forward replace and go scenario?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone might have.