View Full Version : Stuck at logo loading screen ( o circle ring ) windows 10

07-13-2017, 01:12 AM
Im using Asus Rog G752VL .. the problem is my laptop wont boot to windows . It keeps loading and the ring keep cycling and it wont boot . I've tried everything . I took out my Hard drives which is SSD and SSHD and trying to boot using my pendrive which is contains bootable image windows . It can boot , it stucks at the background purple colour instead of i should click install , there's nothing there even the install ( should have 'install' option and repair this computer) , nothing just full screen purple colour . Also i've tried to install windows using the SSHD from another pc and install the sshd into my laptop , the *o-ring keeps cycling no boot to windows , but when i put into another pc, it boot fine . Help me please im running out of ideas .