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Hi there I am Reji from JAPAN.
I don't know I am quite frustrated with Asus already and this would probably be my last purchase with ASUS and so this will also be my last resort and wishing someone from ASUS admin outside japan that could help me or advise me. I was mad, I mean really mad that made me want to trash the laptop. I purchase this laptop 1 year ago warranty just ended. ASUS GL752vw, a very expensive laptop in Japan worth 190,000 yen purchased from YODOBASHI. repaired 3 times with the same problem symptoms BSOD.

1st repair occurred just 1 month and a half after purchase and it wasn't even played like hard core because of work here in Japan, ''if you know japan about work''. Sent it and got it repaired. Diagnostic told me (written in Japanese) that it had a defective LCD so they replaced it and I was like this is not good. Usually in Japan when Japanese customer purchase a laptop and had defective problems we usually presume that the unit or the company has a bad reputation but never the less they repaired it and took it 2 weeks. I was already complaining for a refund but they could not do it since YODOBASHI replacement policy is 2 weeks after purchase. So I was like never mind I will live with it and the Japanese support told me that there will be no more problems with the laptop and they were so sorry for the inconvenience.

After 4 months same problem happen BSOD. Laptop was sitting always in the table I dont even close the Lid often because its just on the table and playing minor games like CS or Cabal. Most of the time I stream movies in youtube. Then they ask it to be delivered again and diagnostic told me that the 2 cables from the board to the lcd was busted and loose and needs replacement and I was like what!?? I dont even move or close the laptop's Lid and so they apologies again and then I started to worry more when I read some of the blogs about this unit having BSOD problems and manufacture defects. Then it was repaired and was wondering if the diagnostics was really true. so this time, if ever this will have the same BSOD again I will try to get it diagnosed 1st to a well known Japanese computer repair shop in Japan before sending it to ASUS Japan and if diagnostics dont match then there is really an issue with this. Then luckly BSOD happend again and it happend just 2months after the warranty expired, so lucky right? and so just like i was suspecting, I did send the laptop first in Nagoya and got it diagnosed with a fair price in PC DOC. "Big and well known company in Japan for repairs and diagnosis".

Then i received the diagnosis stated with all pictures and notes of each parts, amazing service right? 1st diagnosis was 2 screws were lacking in the CD drive that also holds the whole cover and the board then I was like huhhhhhhhh!!!!?? I never even opened the laptop because it was always under the warranty frame when the laptop had problems and i don't want to wave my warranty through opening it and so i presume that this occurred on the 1st or 2nd repair most probably in the 2nd because if it happened in the 1st they would state it on the 2nd repair, from 60% good brand image went down to 20% . Then okay that were just screws anyway and so the 2nd diagnosis was quite serious, 1 capacitor cracked and they had images with it in all angles they even explained what probable cause happened to it. They said it could be over heating since the capacitor that cracked was so closed to the heat pipe or power surge that made the capacitor cracked open.

This became the big issue here. knowing all the problems that causes the BSOD then i sent the laptop to ASUS japan telling me to pay 5000 yen for the diagnosis and another 5000 yen for cancelling if they cant repair it or if I want to cancel the repair due to the price of probable replacement and so okay lets do it. They did the diagnosis but before that I also did sent the diagnosis from PC doc in japanese with the pictures they took from the missing parts and the capacitor crack. They did acknowledge the diagnosis but the shocking news came, Keyboard was busted, 2 cables from the lcd to the laptop was busted also and have burned color and board problems.

Then my suspicion did came, since it was not under warranty I was expecting they would really take a good price for it even PC doc staff told me that already. Seems like a tradition right. the thing is where does this unknown diagnosis came from? I knew there was something wrong with the unit already. They priced me 80000 yen almost 800$ for all the parts, and told me the mother board needs to be replaced, keyboard needs to be replaced and wires needs to be replaced. I was like WOW! its like an all time junky laptop that was all out broken. actually I am just being polite here, but on our real conversation with the ASUS support in japan, I was really very mad and all fowl words were all there. How the hell would a keyboard and the lcd wires again be damaged after replacing it so many times with the previous repairs. How the hell would they replace the whole board with just one capacitor cracked which is replaceable and doesn't need board repair. How the hell did the lcd to board sockets get fried and how the hell did they diagnose so many damages and less damage on PC DOC. How the hell did they came up with 80000 yen for the repair. this really frustrates me, i don't need to prove myself about how I took care of my laptop but the only thing I can say is just It was never been used like super hard core gaming. The outer part doesn't even have a single dent or scratch. and then so I gave up and still paid the cancellation fee with the shipping fee. Paying and wasting money that no progress was done. I was so dismayed. The last and the most amazing part is that, I received the laptop today and the laptop was super dirty not even cleaned with dust every where and a very big scratch from the outer silver part of the laptop it was very visible and really amazing.

I already emailed Asus japan and did not receive any reply yet. I cant believe my experience with ASUS japan and it was really awful. I was thinking Japan to be Japan with amazing services and work but it feels like ASUS in US or other countries are better than Asus Japan. I already took pictures from it and got also pictures before I sent it from Asus. It was clean as new. I don't really know what to do and hoping some admins or experts here to tell me something before I junk this laptop in the recycle shop. I really am dissatisfied with my experience in ASUS and with this product.
thank you guys and tell me if you have the same problems with this unit.

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Thank you

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I wanted to post all the conversations from the email but I guess I cant post the png file here. Used only print screen then save in paint but it says invalid file and cant upload.

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Hi there,

I apologize for the inconveniences caused, I'll make sure we find out all the details from the local team. Please send me a private message with the following details so I can have our Taiwan service team follow up on this case with the Japan service team.

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