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07-31-2017, 01:41 PM
So anyway upon receiving my beautiful G752 I recently got a cold and have been coughing so hard I splatter the screen with beautiful rainbow speckles.

So how do I clean it? :f

With my G750JX I used a sponge and isopropyl, though it seems sponges actually are abrasive or something unless it was just leaving streaks..

I used a lint free cloth from Rayban sunglasses with water, wrapped it in a paddlepop stick and went down the screen like a window cleaner.

The reason I didn't use Isopropyl this time was because I overheard it's actually not good to use on LCDs.. unsure why..

This is the one I use. It is 100% alcohol. http://i.imgur.com/yUAiKUw.jpg

Anyhow, what should I do? I was hoping I could find a cover to keep the screen as if it were new, spotless black with no blemishes from oils etc.. since it's a real pi$$off to see it refract from sunlight. :f

07-31-2017, 01:46 PM
I would just stick to a microfibre cloth moistened with water. Holy Water would be even better.😉

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07-31-2017, 01:52 PM
Why not isopropyl though to get rid of the oils from touching..?

I guess I'm mainly concerned with "Is Isopropyl good or bad for your LCD" really.

I have the technique that I made up and it's perfect. 4 strokes n' done.

Of course Isopropyl is excellent for touch screens and stuff with glass surfaces.. but yeah, the raw matte LCD screen is what I mean to clean.. ;x

07-31-2017, 02:04 PM
Hmm, just occured to me I should probably be diluting the 100% isopropyl with boiled water down to 50/50.. maybe even less isopropyl.. but of course, use 100% on everything else. (Keyboard, mouse, switches, etc.)

It's awesome for cleaning and promotes evaporation.. but yeah, need more knowledge on it. :c

07-31-2017, 02:27 PM
Well, you can avoid all your cleaning needs by simply doing like I do, and keep a nice thick layer of dust on your screen to protect it from anything else.

Kidding of course. I have 3 small children and this is a constant chore for me, both with the large screen TV's and with the computer screens. With all the coughing and sneezing leftovers on these monitors from these kids you can never let your guard down. It's like a TB ward in my house sometimes. But on occasion it gets too much and I have to do a mass screen cleaning.

I also use the eyeglass microfiber cloths, they are a great method for cleaning. Although they are a little small if you are cleaning a very large monitor (like a 50-inch TV for example). You can get microfiber cloths anywhere nowadays, so for those reading this, buy some. I usually use the microfiber cloths with distilled water only to clean my screens, and even then for just dusting only, use no water. Apply the water to the microfiber to dampen it. Every household should have a gallon of distilled water in the pantry, use that because tap water can be hard and have undesired minerals, etc, in it. As a precaution I also always shake out the cloth before I dampen it, kind of like you shake out the sheets before putting them on a bed, just to make sure there are no small things caught in the cloth. For fingerprints, if you are persistent with a soft, continuous, straight sweep, you will see them go away. Do be intentionally gentle. I like your idea of using a stick to wrap the cloth around. This is actually a great idea because you don't want to get uneven pressure across the screen when you clean it, or at least not vastly uneven. The stick will keep mostly even pressure, nice idea there.

08-02-2017, 05:12 AM
Easy fix

08-02-2017, 05:50 AM
There is a film on LCD screens is why you don't want to use alcohol based cleaners, alcohol will remove the film.

I use this.