View Full Version : G750JM booting and sometimes clicking issues

08-05-2017, 03:47 PM
Hi all. First post here so bare with me.
Having some on and off problems with my laptop.

The other day it blue screened when coming out of sleep. Kinda thought w/e, one time deal. I tried to reboot it and it did the ROG logo with spinning circle then just sat. It never made it to the log in screen. I tried pulling out the power, draining the PSU, and rebooting. Same thing. On one occasion it just booted straight to bios and I couldn't leave them. Just went back. I ended putting linux on a flash and extracting my files and fresh installing windows. Updated and got a bunch of stuff going again afterwards, didn't seem to be a problem.

I had went to bed watching a movie and set a timer to shut down the computer in an hour. I woke up to it instead in sleep mode. When i opened it, it was at bios and I couldn't leave again. I restarted and it went to bios again accept this time I heard this little clicking/beeping noise where my hard drive was. Thinking the hard drive is failing as was in the back of my head I unplug my computer and open up the back. Put the battery back in and boot to listen to which drive is causing the clicking. Then IT IS FINE. Goes to windows updates and does a bunch of stuff.

I'm at a complete loss. Any idea what is happening and why it is so random?
If I can provide better info please let me know how, not great at this thing.
Thanks for taking the time!

08-05-2017, 08:29 PM
Sure your hard drive is dying or dead, Good thing you got your data backed up. You can look at the hard drive itself for manufacture go to there website and download the diagnostic tool to verify this. Its random because your dropping sectors can be anywhere on your disk.