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08-09-2017, 08:12 PM
i use multiple apps and play multiple games, so having multiple mouse profiles is necessary. This is how i lay out my profiles from 1 to 5
profile 1 = win10 apps
profile 2 = MS Office
Profile 3 = The Forest
Profile 4 =Rust
Profile 5 = FPS
Default = default

The profiles 1 and 2 work perfect and profiles 3, 4 and 5 do not. I run 6 asus monitors and by keeping Armoury open in one monitor so i can see what it is doing this is my problem.

With armoury open and i select the profile from 3 to 5 for the game i want to run and save it to the mouse, i then start that game on another monitor and i am able to see the Armoury Software Change my pre-selected profile back to profile number 1 everytime, It does this on profiles 3, 4 and 5. I am able to ctrl tab out of the game and go back into the armoury software and re-select my chosen profile and re save to the mouse, then i bring the game up again and it works fine. then as soon as i exist the game it resorts back to profile 1 as if it were the default profile, but even that can't be because there is already a profile labeled Default just below profile 5.
I have tried swapping profile around with no change. reinstalling software made no difference

System Specs:
ASUS Maximus VIII Formula
Intel I7 6700K
Avexir Rog Cert. 32gb ddr
2 evga 1080FTW2 Hydro Coppers (sli)
6 Asus MG248 Monitors
4 ssd's And 2 Mechanical
Win 10 Pro 64bit

Spatha Info:
Sotware: 1.01.34
Dock Firm: 1.27
Mouse Firm: 1.58

UPDATE: after further examination using the game DooM as reference because of its load meter.

As doom loads when you first click on the game the load meter shows how much is loaded in so far, The very second this load meter says 100% the armoury software changes my profile back to profile 1, it seems to me that it is happening when the games first initialize immediately following load up.

08-10-2017, 12:50 AM
There is a more up to date firmware available here (https://www.asus.com/us/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers/ROG-Spatha/HelpDesk_Download/).


08-10-2017, 07:43 PM
Already tried that, FIRST through the armoury software settings ( check for updates ) which says ( Your software is up to date ) and yes i have the check mark beside check for firmware updates.

Second i tried manual update using the exeucutible, which comes back telling me this ( No mouse detected. replug your ROG mouse. )

The second is funny because the rog spatha not only shows in my device manager as a ROG SPATHA, it is working correctly. And next it show in the armoury software under settings, PLUS it is syncing. All of this has been tried both wired and wirelessly. Maybe there is a setting within windows 10 pro that i don't know about that prevents Beta drivers from being employed on system devices.

I don't know, in the end it is just another mouse and i go through mice pretty quick anyway, I will keep looking until i find one that meets my needs.

I have actually already ordered 2 mice from newegg, One is a Corsair M65 Pro RGB wired and the other is a Razer Ouroboros wired or wireless laser mouse. which ever works and does what i need right out of the box is the one i will keep and the other will be sent back. As for the Spatha well my grandson just turned 9 and the only games he plays right now is something called Rodblox so profiles are not needed so i will give it to him.