View Full Version : whats Wrong with this asus gl502vsk laptop?it is insanely high even after bios update

08-16-2017, 09:21 AM
guyz I got the asus gl502vsk as a second hand after selling my HP omen 2017 and somedays I regret it...

first of all the battery life is the worst I had in a long time and the way it gets hot is driving me crazy I mean 50-55 when just browsing the web and listening to music and up to 90 degrees for both cpu and gpu when playing AAA titles ?

is asus going to fix that or I'm going to burn this laptop soon cause I cant even resend it back to the company...

or if you have any tips or tricks about how to fix it would be wonderful thanks GUYZ ...

so the specs are :

24gb of ram

512 ssd

1028 hdd

8 gb 1070 graphics

core i7 7700hq