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09-08-2017, 09:49 AM
The ROG Masters 2017 South Asia Qualifiers held in Bengaluru, India between August 18th to 20th was one of a kind event. This set the bar high for all future Esports Events in the Country.



The Games which were organized in the Qualifiers are DOTA 2 & Counter Strike Global Offensive. These 2 Games are some of the most played around world wide with Dota 2 International recently attracting a hefty prize pool of more than 20 Million USD beating all other Major Sports events Organized world wide.



We at Asus ROG think that everything should start from a Grass root level. So we took the Game to different parts of the country organizing 8 City level qualifiers with Prizes given at every Stage. There was also an open nation wide online qualifiers with both the City level and online winners going to the Finale at Bengaluru.
The Participation for the qualifiers was mouth staggering, raking up a total participation of teams to 854. This is a record for the Country in terms number of participating teams.

Prize Pool:

The South Asia Edition of the ROG Masters 2017 Qualifier had a very good prize pool 1,000,000 INR (16K USD)
Winner - 300,000 INR
2nd Place - 100,000 INR
3rd Place - 50,000 INR
4th Place - 30,000 INR
5th & 6th Place - 10,000 INR


The ROG Master 2017 South Asia FInale Consisted of totally 6 Teams per Game. India had a representation of 4 teams with 1 team from Bangladesh & Sri Lanka.


Finale Day:

The Final day of the event was graced by a wonderful Bengaluru crowd of around 1000 people with Age ranging from 6 to 60 Years. The Crowd was so enthusiastic by cheering for Amazing Game plays during the matches.


There was also a wonderful demo show case in the event with ROG Products ranging from Laptops to Desktops, Monitors , Motherboards, Graphic cards Etc..
One of the Main Attraction of the Demo Showcases were the Oculus Virtual Reality Devices for Trying out with Different ROG Products.

For the 1st time in India there was also a Product launch at the event to Showcase the ROG Zephyrus Laptop which is the Slimmest Gaming Laptop in the World to Feature a GTX1080 Graphics Card.



There was also a Cosplay competition conducted at the event. The winner of the Cosplay will travel to Japan.



Team Signify took the honors of Winning the DOTA 2 Qaulifier by Beating Aggressive 5. Similarly in CSGO Team Entity Gaming Beat Eternal Esports to Clinch the title. Both the Teams will now travel to Manila, Philippines to compete in the APAC level ROG Masters 2017.

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After Event Party:

Any event is not finished without having an After event DJ Music party. A Famous DJ Ivan from bengaluru made the crowd go wild with some remarkable DJ music to end the event on a high note :)