View Full Version : ASUS G750 Preparing Automatic Repair

09-13-2017, 10:59 PM
About a week ago, I started getting the "Preparing Automatic Repair" when I would try to start Windows 10 64bit. Upon entering the BIOS, I saw that my SATA 0 slot was empty (where my boot drive should be). After a bit more fiddling, I was pretty sure it was a drive issue as most things are. I bought a new SSD and when trying to partition it/install a new copy of windows, it was acting very strange. I would get weird error messages like "this drive is locked" etc. Finally, I pulled my other 2 drives from the computer so the only drive in the machine was the boot drive, and it booted right into the installer with no issues. After windows installed, I got drivers running, programs, etc. I shut down, put the other 2 drives back in and rebooted. Worked just fine, no issues. Left the place I was at, got home a half an hour later and "Preparing Automatic Repair" pops up again when I tried to start up. So.... I once again pulled my other 2 drives out, booted right into windows, popped them back in and restarted and ti;s fine. The issue still remains, but I am completely unsure of what the real issue is. My only 2 guesses are a bad SATA controller/bad power supply. Any insight would be very welcome because I absolutely cannot afford to buy a new machine right now. Thanks!