View Full Version : Post-RMA accessory return request issue

Poison [BLX]
10-03-2017, 11:21 PM
My VII Impact board went in for RMA (#USPCH50840) back in late May (delivered May 26th), and the turnaround on that part of the process was less than a week. No problems *at all* there. Other than a quick "does this one post?" test when the replacement got to me, I didn't have time to work on that rebuild, so I didn't get around to putting in the request for return of the M.2/Wifi and Audio daughter boards until July 26th, and paid the invoice for it that same day (Service No=N170764586). Since then, I've only received updates when I've explicitly prodded for them, once to find out on Sept 14th that "Our Repair Facility does not have replacement M.2, wi-fi and audio daughter boards in stock. I have requested our other facility if they can ship to you. If any issues we will let you know. Sorry for inconvenience." and again Sept 22nd with "I am following up with RMA department if they have these parts, replacement M.2, wi-fi and audio daughter boards in stock to ship to you. Once we have an update you will be notified."

Any chance I could get some help tracking down a resolution to this one? Thanks!

10-11-2017, 03:29 AM
Hello Poison [BLX]
Thank you for your inquiry.
I've passed your case over to our service team.
They will be in contact as soon as they have more information on your request, thank you