View Full Version : ASUS MG24UQ monitor changes inputs automatically - how to disable?

10-22-2017, 03:34 AM
I have a ASUS MG24UQ 4K/60hz monitor connected to my Xbox One S and PC. When I tinker around with the 4K settings on the Xbox One S, my screen will turn black to adjust the settings. However, if I have my PC on, the monitor will auto detect the PC signal through DisplayPort and return to the desktop - changing the inputs. Since the input changed, my Xbox One S would give me an error, in theory because the input changed.

The best course I have found is to unplug the DP cable to my monitor from the PC, and everything goes smooth as butter with the Xbox One S.

I have tried looking through the manual and online, haven't found much on this. I also have a GTX 1070 and Windows 10.

Any ideas? Thanks.