View Full Version : G751JY cyan screen with pink burns

10-27-2017, 12:18 AM
Hello people. My G751JY recently tinted the screen cyan. If I leave something on screen long enough and then open a black background over it I can see some pink burns on the screen, in the shape of what was there. I can't send it over to ASUS, since it's over two years old and I don't live where I originally bought it (I live in Brazil, bought in US). I've googled this issue and it seems to me that either the LCD screen or the LCD cable are malfunctioning or with a loose connection. I can't disassemble it right now because I have a test coming, so I can't afford to lose it right now, and I'm not confident enough I won't damage anything without doing it very carefully and very slowly (I've never opened it up before). Any chances anyone knows what is the model of the cable so I can order one online, so when it arrives I can already swap it and have it all back to normal? Thanks!