View Full Version : RGB splitter - How will Z370-E detect devices connected to it ?

10-28-2017, 04:16 AM
Hi everyone,
I have a few Z370-E pre-purchase questions regarding Aura Sync and RGB splitter cable, hope someone can help.

I'm planning to use 3 Cooler Master RGB fans (http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/case-fan/masterfan-pro-120-af-rgb/) and DeepCool Captain 240EX RGB AIO cooler (http://www.gamerstorm.com/product/CPULIQUIDCOOLER/2017-05/1286_6708.shtml) (this cooler has RGB on the block and comes with a separate RGB led strip) with the ROG Strix Z370-E, all these are Aura Sync-compatible.

So those are 5 RGB devices to connect to the board's RGB headers. However, there are only 2 normal RGB headers on this board, that means I will have to use 2 of these Cooler Master 1-3 RGB Splitter Cables (http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cooling-rgb-accessories/1-to-3-rgb-splitter-cable/) in order to connect all those 5 devices to the board and control them with Aura. The 3 fans will be connected to RGB header #1 using one spliter, the AIO cooler's block and RGB strip wil be connected to RGB header #2 using another splitter.

My question is: Will Aura detect devices connected to one spliter and RGB header as separate zones ? Or will it simply think they are just one RGB device/zone ? (As with the above set up, will the 3 fans be detected as 3 separate zones ?). And if Aura should detect them as one RGB device/zone, does that mean there's no way to set them to have their own color ?

Thanks in advance.