View Full Version : Why is adjusting audio so difficult !?!?

10-30-2017, 08:06 PM
G752VL ALL I wanted to do is be able to have the speakers and a set of headphones work at the same time. I've googled & googled and installed uninstalled reinstalled drivers. Right clicked this left clicked that.

Can someone please tell me what drivers and what proper procedure there is to accomplish this. I've seen it done so I know it works. Oh and now after doing all these things to get it working the dang subwoofer doesnt adjust itself with the main volume. GRRRR

Any help would be great
Thanks Guys !

10-30-2017, 09:29 PM
I believe Realtek's set of options is different depending on the chip. Was the machine you saw a 752VL? Front panel detection has been an option on desktop systems but jack detection hasn't been a toggle on any laptops I've owned. I've seen laptop speakers stay on but only when the driver was improperly installed.

You may need to try a different version of the driver. If Realtek has a newer one for your chip on their website it might have different options. Otherwise you'll have to look for a registry hack for disabling Realtek jack detection.