View Full Version : Volume resets by itself..to 54%?

11-02-2017, 04:05 AM
So another weird issue..

My volume keeps resetting down to a specific number, 54%.

I can make it higher, or lower, but it just reverts back to 54..

Not updated anything..

Anyone know how to fix? ';f

04-02-2018, 01:26 PM
Fresh install, it's now happening again at 56%.

04-03-2018, 12:38 AM
Have you tried the troubleshooter? Rt-click the icon.

04-04-2018, 01:46 AM
Have you tried the troubleshooter? Rt-click the icon.

Tried and nothing, only fix is rebooting, only for it to eventually come back again.

08-21-2018, 10:30 AM
I am having the exact same issue on my ASUS G752vs. Tried all kind of different drivers and sound settings. This is amazingly frustrating! :mad::mad::mad:

08-21-2018, 11:32 AM
The two of you should consult and figure out what common software you are using.

08-21-2018, 10:44 PM
No idea I've escaped the issue.

08-21-2018, 11:20 PM
Windows update maybe cured it?

08-22-2018, 01:57 AM
Possibly yes, I reinstalled with August 2018 recently

08-22-2018, 12:46 PM
Mine resets to 32% but I found the issue. It's RealTek. If you install the driver, never open RealTek Audio Driver and fiddle with the volume slider, or it breaks something..

.. at least, that's what it seems to be.

Right now I'm trying to fix the stupid pop sound I get before a sound plays..

Update: Yap, killed RealTek Audio Manager through Processes Tab, it stopped being a problem. Uggh.. unbelievable.

Need to figure out optimum settings to avoid the Audio Slider Hostage Take-Over, AND that dumb, annoying Power Management..


10-24-2018, 12:10 AM
So on my son's computer, G701VI, he's not using the sonic studio (or whatever it's called). Whenever he transitions between headphones to speakers the volume starts resetting itself to a set value like 20%. So I found a fix that's working so far. If you disable the two realtek scheduled tasks and reboot, it seems to go away. I'm not sure if this will cause issues with some of the ASUS utilities, but it's worth trying. FYI, you can disable the realtek schedule tasks using autoruns or Windows 10 task scheduler UI.