View Full Version : New SSD samsung EVO problem, starts only if I remove the old ssd?

11-04-2017, 09:08 AM
I just bought a new Samsung evo m.2 ssd 250gb to improve my system disk capacity, i installed it into the empty slot and I followed the migration procedure, but after it (i switched the two ssd) my g752 doesn't boot up anymore, it start only if I remove the old ssd and I'm not able to erase the original disk to use it as a fast spare hd.
Can somebody help me out with this issue?

thanks in advance

11-06-2017, 03:06 PM
Yes you can't have two booting Windows 10 SSD running at the same time. what I did was put my original SSD in the box that my Samsung 960 Pro came in for future use like if I sell the notebook or have to send it for RMA etc.
You could try a M.2 to USB 3.0 adapter and format it that way, although I think I would use disk part and do a Clean all, then convert to GPT, then you could put it back in and use it for storage or put it in RAID 0 for double the space and a little faster read speeds.

11-06-2017, 05:21 PM
Alternatively, maybe you could download the Win10 ISO from Microsoft and put back your original M.2 SSD only that you want to erase.
Boot to the Win10 ISO as if you were going to install Windows, but when is asks where you want to install Windows, choose the custom option, delete all the partitions on your original M.2 SSD, and skip the Windows installation although you will still need to reformat that original M.2 SSD in Windows.

Just make sure you have everything backed up and don't mind erasing it of course.