View Full Version : What are the base differences between BIOS 0419 and 0430 for Strix Z370?

11-21-2017, 10:16 AM
as Raja wrote - 'revised rules for SVID behaviour and LLC' - what does it mean exactly?

my settings at the moment:

8700K delided with TGC
Strix Z370-F
0419 BIOS
49x ratio
1.33V BIOS (Adaptive, no offset)
1.328V stress at normal conditions, soft & games (very rare spikes to 1.344V), measured by HWiNFO
VID 1.34V
8x ~0,65V idle
72C max in most CPU demanding games

I'am really satisfied with these settings already so my question is - is it worth updating to 0430 and looking for new settings all over again?