View Full Version : G752VS-XS74K Upgrade Two 256GB NVMe ssds to Two 512GB NVMe ssds

11-22-2017, 01:12 AM
Expecting new G752VS tomorrow. I will want to replace the two 256GB NVMe ssds with two new Samsung 960 Pro 512GB NVMe ssds. I'm planning to simply connect this new laptop to my Windows Server 2016, making a complete backup of data. Swap out the ssds and perform a system restore from the server backup. The server restore key USB with have copy of needed IRST driver (found in esupport folder) to setup Raid 0 ssds.
My G75VW died last month and I choose the G752VS as its replacement. I have done system restores as I described above many times but only to a single SATA ssd. I'm hoping the Raid 0 setup is not going to cause problems. Any advice or comments about my plans?*

11-22-2017, 02:43 AM
Seems to me you need the Drive Image, then remove the 2 old ones and install the 2 new ones, set them to raid 0 in the BIOS then restore the backup image to the Raid Drive?