View Full Version : Could Someone Share Their G752VS Battery Report?

11-24-2017, 01:02 AM
Hi All!

I ran this Windows-based battery test on my G752VS notebook computer:


My results were that my battery capacity is 80,895 mWh against the design capacity of 90,000. There are only 7 cycles on the battery according to the report.

Does this sound normal to you? What results are you getting?


11-24-2017, 04:34 AM
Not all batter packs are the same and cycle counts can be misleading as depending on what youve used it could only count complete or near complete depletion as a cycle. Short cycles have more of an impact than full depletion.

Next question is how often do you run on battery and who old is your machine?

These machines are not your run of the mill portable, hell they are pushing the definition of portable. I have a G752VY and Im not packing that thing around anywhere!!
Battery run time on these puppies is horrendous at best. Just too much power. If you have you power profile set to max battery life and everything tuned down for that purpose you might stretch it to a couple of hours but normal use in default with any halfway intensive game and not only will the batteries deplete extremely fast, your performance while on battery will....well......suck! The only time mine is unplugged is when Im in the middle of something and move from one place to the next without shutting down. They are more of a desktop replacement than an ultra portable meant for menial tasks with a long battery run time.

Something else to keep in mind is these machines draw so much power that there are times when extremely heavily loaded The brick cant produce all the power needed and it will draw on battery power even while plugged in.

I consider my battery nothing more than a built in UPS to keep it from dumping while losing power whether it be for short duration of moving or an actual utility loss. Putting a battery in that would actually provide a high enough aH rating and suitable C rating to run these beasts wide open for any length of time would easily double the weight which would also mean an increase in size that only would detract from its allure.

11-24-2017, 05:13 AM
Yes, I know. However, I got this as an open box, and I just want to make sure the battery is within spec for a reasonably new item.