View Full Version : ROG STRIX Z370-G GAMING (WI-FI AC) Problems

11-28-2017, 06:14 PM
Hi all,
I bought about 2-3 weeks ago Asus ROG STRIX Z370-G GAMING (WI-FI AC) mb. I have noticed few problems.

Here is my setup

Asus MB
G.Skill 3600MHz RAM
8700k delid
Define Mini C -case
Kraken X62

Now we can go to my problems. One is this MB VRM. I have noticed that VRM run very hot. I made my first OC using 0410 and 0419 BIOS. After that I updated to 0430 and week after I tried to make little bit more OC using Prime95 AVX I noticed that if I run my setup 4,9G, 4,8G, etc. that MHz are dropping to 3,7G. After AVX run I tested run Prime95 non AVX but still same problem. Then I started looking what may cause this and noticed that VRM is throttling. I noticed this using XTU because this is only program which I found to show me this VRM throttling. When I put fan to blowing air to VRM all my problems are gone.

I have built my setup that in front I have AIO which is taking air in and case back I have 1x140mm and 1x120mm blowing air out. I have also tested my setup that I change airflow to back in and front out but this didnít make any difference. Only if I put fan to blowing to VRM and open my case side panel problems are gone. I have also tested that same problem happens if I use XMP or I donít use XMP. I have also put all my voltages etc. manually.
Is there happened something in 0430 BIOS? Because before that I did a successful overclocking and my side panel was closed. Is this normal that VRM in this MB is running that hot and causing throttling?

Second problem is audio. I have noticed that when I put my computer to sleep and start after that example listening music audio is making crackling noise. If I reboot my computer then this problem is also gone. I have tested several Realtek drivers but any of these didnít help in this case. I am not sure if this started after 0430 BIOS or was it before update. I have connected my speakers using 3,5mm. Maybe someday got working drivers.
First time in over 5 years when I bought Asus MB and got this kind of problems.

Thatís all for this time.