View Full Version : Prime Z370-A Wake on LAN problem

12-02-2017, 08:16 PM

I recently bought a Prime Z370-a motherboard. Since my TV tuner isn't working on newer USB ports (bad driver), I've decided to buy a PCIe USB 2.0 card. I've bought a PCIe card which has Renesas upd720201 controller. My problem is if this card is connected to the PC, I can't enable Wake on lan because I can't shut down the computer, even before boot with the power button. It shuts down and then immediately turns back on. If I disable wake on lan function (Power on by PCIe) the problem goes away.

Is this an UEFI issue, or the card is broken? I've checked, there is no new firmware available for the usb card controller, and I has the latest UEFI installed.

Also another problem is (which I must buy the card in the first place) I cannot find an option in the uefi to disable xhci handoff. Is this a rog exclusive feature on ASUS boards, or is it unavailable on all Z370 motherboards?