View Full Version : G750JM not turning on... HELP!

12-03-2017, 07:11 AM
So, my cousins had an ASUS G750JM and they broke the screen. It also didnt charge. So, I bought a new charger, battery and screen. I tested to see if it would work after I got the parts and it still didnt charge, so I bought a DC jack it should be here tomorrow. So, at first I I tried to reset the cmos bettery I even used a different battery that didnt work. I then tried the JRST2001 AND JRST2002 but they didnt work. When I turn it on only the power light comes on (Light Bulb) the keyboard nor the power button lights up. So, is it the DC jack or the motherboard? Also it powers on with the battery and with the cord and the battery doesnt charge when the plug is in. I'll update what happens when I replace the DC jack.

12-05-2017, 05:26 AM
Well, I replaced the DC jack and it charges but when I turn it on only the light bulb turns on and the charging light... The keyboard and the screen don't light up.