View Full Version : G752VY max gpu fan speed ?

12-03-2017, 10:28 AM
I just noticed that my gpu max fan speed is only 3600rpm while the cpu one goes up to 4100.

Can you guys tell me what max rpm's you get on the gpu fan?
Thank you!

12-03-2017, 09:08 PM
What are you using to read fan speeds?

12-04-2017, 04:54 AM
Ill have a look at mine later and see what I get after loading it up. Had it out today for the first time in awhile. Don't run it much after building my X299 rig. Been so long I had to fight off the FC update!!
Thing to keep in mind is with the way the heatsinks and heatpipes are designed on this puppy you really don't have a CPU/GPU as much as a left and right HSF.

12-05-2017, 06:17 PM
I'm using the rog gaming center for the speeds and ramp up to 100% either with furmark and it's cpu stress together or with notebook fan control. Both give the same max speeds.

12-05-2017, 06:31 PM
You're right justinthyme, but that's how it says in the gaming center.

12-06-2017, 02:30 AM
Yeah I get the same in the gaming center and other software doesn't show the second fan. What I can tell you is the physical fans are the same just left and right orientation.

12-07-2017, 03:21 AM
Yup, I saw that when i opened it. Strange that it doesn't show anywhere but the gaming center and that it's slower.

12-07-2017, 05:00 AM
There are a lot of Strange things about these machines!!
Initial release was fun with probably the worst being a BIOS issue where some folks were experiencing very long boots. When I say very long I mean like upwards of a minute or more, not the mammy whiners complaining over a few seconds. Whaaaaahhh, my friends Acer boots in 9 seconds and this is taking 12! I got so sick of that one that I got in trouble here for scolding them.

My philosophy, if it aint broke dont fix it.
Weve seen a lot posting over heat issues just to find it was sitting on a bed restricting air flow.

When these fans crap you will know! Either they quit and one fan goes to running full bore all the time or they make a very loud screeching or crunchy sound from bearing failure.
Other than that.....run it like you stole it!!

12-07-2017, 11:47 AM
In my case, i think i have a defective heatsink because after undervolting 150 mv and underclocking with Intel xtu with 200 mhz for each turbo stage, i still get cpu temps of 95 and gpu temps of 85 (laptop sitting ON A COOLER). You sure are right with a lot of problems..
Oh, I didn't mention that I did 3 repastes with thermal grizzly kryonaut and thermal pads from the same producer for the vrm. I'm looking for every little chance of reducing the temps on this machine which should run smooth as butter right out of the box for the price i paid..
I just put it on the the market to find a buyer.. I'm done with asus until they get their **** together.

12-07-2017, 07:37 PM
You should read Dreamonic (http://voltground.com/haven/) post he discussed that the fact that some G752 heat sinks were not setting level on both CUP and GPU, his solution is to carefully bend the heat pipes until the CPU and GPU sit flat 100% contact with the heat sink. He claimed -10C on all that he had done this with. You may want to discuss this with him for further information.