View Full Version : Please.. Help!!! G752VS OC Edition won't even boot Bios after undervolting memory..

12-05-2017, 02:15 AM
Hello everyone,
Sorry for the long post... I wanted to be exact with what exactly happened...

Main problem:

My G752VS OC Edition with i7 6820HK will not load operating system. Additionally, I can't enter Bios either.. (I did the F2 with Power On button together). The laptop initially turns on with just the keyboard lights BUT the screen will NOT do its usual thing and blink/light on... or load the ROG logo.. and lastly, I can't even load into the Bios. The screen just stays completely BLACK and I hear absolutely NOTHING from the NVMe hard drive or fans.

What I was doing just before things went to hell:
This is my first time tinkering with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for under-volting and adjusting the CPU speeds.. so that I could play BattleField 1 at a safer temperature. I was going from CPU core temps at 75 rising to 90 degrees... then after the adjustments.. my temps when to just around 65-75 degrees and consistently. By the way, I had also remembered to uninstall the ROG Gaming Console as well.
I was successfully testing out under-volting the CPU at a -110... and then I set all the core multipliers to 32x.. then I tinkered with the Processor Cache Ratio to be set at 32x as well.. (I just figured to match it to the core multiplier numbers.. the default cache ratio was higher at 36x). So all in all, I had all my 4 CPU cores running at a conservative 3.2 GHz with a -110 under-volt. My stock turbo boost is at 3.6... if anything I thought I made it safer by setting it to a lower MHz speed at 3.2 Ghz so that my core temps would not rise anywhere near over 75 degrees when gaming. I had used HWinfo to check my temps, CPU MHz , GPU temps and memory speeds. My GTX 1070 never got over 65 degrees and I never messed with my GPU at all.

The ONE thing that may have MESSED up my laptop:
So... while I was tinkering with the ETU yesterday... I had pressed what I thought was the (default reset mode) and while it did... it had also reset my memory to a speed of 1,600MHz... BUT my memory is suppose to be a defaulf of 2,400 MHz. The multiplier was set at 12x when it should have been set at 18x... At adjusted 18x the multiplier had set my memory speed at the correct 2,400 MHz.
So yesterday.. with my memory at 1,600 MHz.. coincidently I started to have my laptop crash with a error message of "Memory Management... something.. something" then the BSOD would pop up and turn off my laptop to a fresh restart.
So today is when I noticed on the ETU.. the wrong setting for the "memory" 12x multiplier with corresponding wrong memory speed at only 1600 MHz. .. when it should have been 2,400MHz. So I adjusted the dial to 18x multiplier with correct speed at 2,400MHz. AND... everything ok.
Then I did something stupid and experimented and to set the memory speed BACK to the 1600MHz to see if the "memory management crashes" would happen again. The ETU said that the system needed to restart to have the changes take effect... and when it shut down the system... IT NEVER CAME BACK ON... and here I am going out of my STUPID NOOB mind.

PLEASE SOMEONE OUT THERE HELP ME!!!! I just wanted to play BF 1 at a safe temp and have fun learning about undervolting and adjusting cpu speeds at a conservative MHz!

12-05-2017, 11:54 PM
You may have to take the laptop apart and pull the battery on the mobo.

However Im curious as to why it wont boot to the Bios? One would think if you messed with XTU, its software, so it wouldnt take effect until the OS booted. But these laptops with the HK processors, do act differently then say a desktop with XTU, at least in my experience.

I know the G703 will revert after powered off for 5mins. Have you left it off for sometime and then tried it again? That is al,so with using Rog Gaming Center. Im not sure if the same applies to changes in XTU. Good luck.