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12-11-2017, 10:20 AM
Hi everybody! I'm new from here and...I already need your help! :D
Excited by my new notebook (G752VSK-BA263T), just after 5 days of use I made the mistake of restoring it, first with a clean install and then with a total restore. Result? No more Asus drivers, no more factory apps, just Windows 10 on the SSD. I noticed that is a "common problem" due to the elimination of the eSupport folder. Reading other posts I saw that is possible to solve the problem by downloading the drivers on the Asus site, and this is what i did. Now I ask you:

- Downloading all the drivers on the site, I missed something compared to the factory conditions? I lost something in terms of functionality and performance? (for exemple I saw there's no Sonic Suite. There's more?)
- Someone could upload the eSupport folder? I searched the one for G752VSK but I didn't find it.. (eventually the folder of a VS version or other versions would also be good?)
- I noticed that I have the "Recovery" folder, whith the "OEM" folder, but the "AsusPowerCfg.exe." application doesn't respond..what does it means? In particoular... what's the difference between the "eSupport" folder and the "OEM" folder?
- Advice on how I should behave now? Buckup of the system to external disk or try to return to the factory conditions?
- Any kind of practical advice in this situation?

*Thank you very very much for your support!!!

12-14-2017, 12:25 PM
Please, anyone could help me?? Maybe the G752VS eSupport folder could be the same..

12-14-2017, 01:37 PM
Restoring will not wipe your machine, only the extremely poor decision of the so called "clean install" that "trashes" your portable. The forum is overloaded with these posts. When its a custom build as in a desktop then that's all part of the journey, with portables its part of the plummet. You can try the support page which should get most everything, or wait to see if someone is kind enough to upload the esupport folder.
Only options outside of that is if your vendor has a liberal return policy or look up ASUS support for your area and they will reimage the drive with the original factory image for a fee.
Once you get this sorted I always recommend saving your own factory image. Easiest way is buy a new drive, clone the factory drive to the new one then put away the factory drive for the aw crap moments such as this one or if you need to send it in for service because they will not support anything outside of the factory specs under warranty, including "clean installs". These machines do not have much bloatware unless you bought a Best Buy hack job. It takes less than 5 minutes to clean out any bloatware with Ccleaner, much faster than a "clean install" especially when you dont have the esupport folder.

The restore partition you have now is for you current install and will not take it back to factory state like it would have before "Clean Install" You will not be able to restore to factory state unless you get a service center to re image the drive.

To really save yourself a lot of time and trouble your best bet would be to get the drive reimaged at a service center or try a return with your vendor.

12-14-2017, 05:25 PM
thank you very much for your support, very kind of you.
I hope someone loads the folder as soon as possible... :/

One last piece of information: would the folder of another model be fine? I have a G752VS-BA263T, would the BA266T folder be fine too?

06-25-2019, 11:43 AM
Hi kekkooo87,
Did you find the esupport folder?
I have the same problem with my G752VSK
I have problem with the Light bar and the fan light

06-25-2019, 12:04 PM
Hi kekkooo87,
Did you find the esupport folder?
I have the same problem with my G752VSK
I have problem with the Light bar and the fan light

1. You should start your own posting, not rehash older postings.

2. Identify your laptop model by running dxdiag.exe and post your model and BIOS used.

3. Take a look at my sticky (at top of G Series Gaming Netbooks forum page) about "Make a copy of your eSupport Folder before formating your OS drive!". I think you will find much needed information.

Good Luck