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01-20-2012, 06:52 AM

I'm having an issue with overclocking my Asus GTX560 DC II OC. Using GPU tweak I OC it to 950/1200/1900 on 1.087 volts. During load the temps reach 56C Max with the fan on 100% yet sometimes after 2-3 hours of gaming my GPU will start throttling down the voltage and my GPU usage will spike to 99% where before this happens the Max the.usage reaches is 87%. This causes low FPS and stuttering. It also freezes for about 3 seconds and/or the screen goes black before returning to the game. However, both times this has occurred I was using the new nvidia beta driver 290.53. I have not had this occur while using driver 275.33 and gaming for 3.5-4 hours.

Its not an overheating issue and I'm not getting artifacts/display drivers failing like an unstable overclock would produce. Any ideas of what could be the.culprit? I'm thinking driver?


AMD phenom II x4 970 BE OC to 3.79ghz
4x4 Gb of gskill ram
HAF 932 case
Asus gtx 560 DC II OC
OCz modxstream pro 500WPSU
ASUS Crosshair IV formula Motherboard

02-01-2012, 03:55 AM
The Update in NVidia drivers, access you to faster GPU data transfer rate. While on the older version driver, your game could not process's as much graphic, information to the card. via creating the more long term stable card, since less calculations have occurred. AFTER you updated the Driver, it has become a faster GPU thus creating better graphics, more calculations in the hours of gaming, resulting in shorter gaming time at the mhz you are demanding out of the card. why this matters and causes a card to stop working untill cools down is beyond me, but i feel it is possibly due to heated compositors and instruments on the card beside the GPU that need to cool in order to allow proper voltage flow once more, thus creating top speeds once more.

added note too. all BETA versions of anything are USERS own risk in use, in a way of explaining, lets just say they are not full developed, unstable files.

if you dont mind me asking i understand the SPU clock being 950MHZ but what are you overclocking in refference to the 1200/1900?

i hope this helps solve your issue.