View Full Version : Are the screws in the G751JL glued in?

12-14-2017, 04:20 AM
I'm trying to replace the keyboard palmrest, but I just can't get the screws out. I took the ones out of the back just fine, but the HDD screws and the ones on the DVD drive (for example, at 2:30 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuhdXBzZODY ) won't come out at all. Additionally they seem very soft becuase the hole is getting warped from only a little force, making it even harder!

Any advice for getting these off?

12-14-2017, 02:00 PM
No glue but they do have locktite.
First and foremost, get a good set of drivers, not the $2 specials. You need one that fits the hardware correctly and the cheap tools seldom do.

12-14-2017, 11:42 PM
I used a pretty good screwdriver (one I use in the computer lab where I work) and the screws just will not come out. I think I stripped the top of a few of them because they're in so tight. They're either rusted, glued, or too much loctite... I don't know, but it's really pissing me off because I can't install the 90 keyboard palmrest I ordered.

12-15-2017, 12:03 AM
Now that the heads are stripped it's probably too late but one trick I use is sometimes if you *tighten* threaded things slightly it can get things moving enough to be able to loosen them. Works with screws, bolts, and jelly jars. For the heads that are stripped you'll either have to find a very small screw extractor or just drill them out. Not fun :(

12-15-2017, 04:21 AM
Yes I use a heat on locktited parts, a soldering pencil should be enough for computer screws. I have to say I've never had to remove a screw that small with stripped head, don't envy you in any way.

12-15-2017, 04:34 AM
Its blue locktite, only a portion is dipped and dry before they install them.

Those screws are so small I dont believe there is an easy out small enough to get to them.

Im afraid if the heads are now toast the only thing left is to drill the heads off. Ive had to do this on other apparatus before. Just go slow, use a vaccum to get the metal as its removed and just enough to get the head off where you can remove the drive. Then you can get a hold of the stud with a pair of small vice grips. The other PITA is finding replacement screws.

12-15-2017, 09:15 PM
So this is a bit embarassing but I borrowed a solid titanium screwdriver from somebody in the engineering department and it got those stripped glued screws off with no trouble. No heat, no glue solvent, etc. So uhh, I guess the moral of the story is, don't overthink it when it comes to tools?

12-15-2017, 11:29 PM
Probably your first driver didn't have the right taper to bite into the slots fully. It happens. I sometimes try several bits in my driver set before I find the best fit.

12-16-2017, 02:56 AM
Yes Justin mentioned that in his first reply quality tools, these tiny little screws in these notebooks can be really difficult If you do strip the head on one.