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12-15-2017, 11:18 AM
Hello to all,

My G752VS is overheating (or I thnik it is because to me the degrees are not normal), with max. degree of 98C on CPU (i7 6820HK) and 91C on GPU (GTX 1070), even on medium performance intense games like Battlefield Bad Company 2.

I undervolted the CPU by -130mV, and installed ROG Gaming Center's latest version (this might made it worse). But before the Gaming Center I was already undervolting the CPU and the situation was the same.

I was thinking vacuuming from the exhaust, or getting a laptop cooler, but I don't know if any of that will help. I also found that some people say the air intake is behind the screen, which is very dusty now. I don't have any other idea. I will be glad if someone suggests an idea to solve this issue :)

12-30-2017, 09:33 PM

I had a similar problem, high temperature when playing games (War Thunder), my solution was very simple: I put something under the back section of my laptop in order to create room between the cover plate and my desk, and the system "breath" better.

Problem solved ;)


06-30-2018, 06:14 PM
Have you found a solution or some answers for the overheating problems yet? I have a g752vs rog laptop myself. I get 90-95 c temperatures playing any kind of game, old, new, ultra settings or low settings, same results. No matter what i do i get the same results. I bought a huge cooling pad, didn't change a thing. I tried every known possible settings in nvcp, geforce experience, rog gaming center. With rog gaming center or without, same results. Tried msi afterburner, every setting is greyed out. Reinstalled windows. Updated everything. Gaming in windowed or borderless. G sync on or off. I have a 120 hz monitor, tried 60 hz same results. I play old games like Borderlands 2 (6 years), runs fine with 120 fps for 10 minuts, after that the throttling begins, my fps goes down to 20-30 and i don't even understand what is going on in the game anymore. When im browsing (youtube or watch a movie) the temperatures are 60-65 c, turbo gear always shows extreme. I switch it to standard but after restart goes back to extreme. Gpu perf limiter always shows "Utilization". The fans are on auto all the time. I'm not even sure if the rpm increases when the turbo gear goes extreme. I payed 3000 euros for this : Intel Core i7-7700HQ 3.8 ghz, 17.3 inch 120 hz g sync monitor, gtx 1070 8 gb gddr5, 64 gb ram, 2x 256 ssd + 1 tb hdd. I hope is something i'm doing wrong and not something they did wrong. Worked my ass off to buy it. Have any of you have some answers or fixes for this? Thank you so much!!

07-01-2018, 10:32 AM
i had 4 rma's still overheats when gaming to fix mine i game with fans on full and i undervolted the cpu -130mV which sorted my thermal throtting and overheating 6820hk

07-01-2018, 04:12 PM
Switch ROG gaming center to standard when playing older games. Its still more than enough power to stay over 60fps.