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12-20-2017, 06:58 PM
Hi all,
I'm hoping to get some experts' attention here.
Today I replaced the screen of my G75VW DS71 laptop. (The original screen have some vertical lines on it, so I planned to replace it)

I bought the replacement screen online (from Screencountry). The screen is also the exact same model as my original screen.
I did the replacement process as in this video (https://youtu.be/YPuBfZ29h6U).
When I switched it on, it was fine. The replacement screen worked and there was no longer any vertical lines on the screen.
So I switched it off and complete the assembly.

4 hours later I switched it back on. This time I browsed around my files while listening to some music.
And after around 20 minutes, it happened. The screen suddenly went black and the music stoped abruptly.
I checked around and see that the power button was still glowing. The LED indicators in front were also still glowing.
I tried to hold the power button to force a power off but the LED lights were still on. So I pulled out the battery (and of course all lights went out).
I waited for a minute then I tried to switch it on without battery. But only the LED indicators light up. Screen stays black and I don't even hear any noise (which usually happen during start up).

What happened here? I guess the motherboard is screwed?
Is this related to the screen replacement?
How much will it cost me to repair/replace the motherboard? (If it costs too much, I might as well consider to buy new laptop)
Please help me on what I can do here? (I'm quite desperate now...)

Thanks in advance!

12-20-2017, 07:01 PM
I would open everything back up and make sure all of the connections are fully seated and that nothing is pinched. It could be that when you reassembled things one of the cables got pulled or pinched.

12-20-2017, 07:26 PM
Yes I wouldn't say the Motherboard yet, unless you're really unlucky. If you just replaced the screen then it's most likely a bad connection as Theomist says. 'If it looks like a Duck, and sounds like a Duck, it's most likely a Duck'.

No idea what relevance a duck has here lol.

12-21-2017, 07:17 AM
Thanks for the quick reply guys.

Btw, when I replaced the monitor, I only opened the monitor's bracket (not a complete disassembly).
So, I tried to open it up again.
I checked the cables (unplug/replug), nothing seems to be wrong.
Then I tried to switch it on without the brackets... Still same result, no sound & black screen.
I even swapped the monitor to the old one, and still get the same result.

After that I tried to look underneath. When I power it on, the HDD makes some soft running noise (normal noise, not those weird creaking noise). But both the fans don't turn.
What weirded me out is : you cannot power it off by holding on the power button (I tried holding it for 20 seconds). I have to resort to pulling the power cord (or battery).
If I plug-in the battery, the 'battery-charging' LED indicator does turn red. Two other LEDs are on (I assume power & numlock).
Pressing capslock does not change anything.

Game over? I'm feeling really down right now.
How much will the repair cost me? (Any assumption?)
Anything else I could do?
Has anyone experienced this before? (Especially with power button not responding to forced shutdown)

Thanks again...

12-21-2017, 09:12 AM
Sorry to hear that Xenos, sounds like you've got a few problems with looses connections/ fuses; way beyond my expertise.

Gotta bite the bullet and take it somewhere. I'd avoid Asus if it's out of guarantee. Most places offer a free diagniostic. Have you had it long?

I got a brand new machine and the nightmare I had just upgrading Windows 10 Home to Pro was an absolute farce. I had to take Hard-Drives out and all sorts on a brand new machine; got incorrect advice from an arrogant advisor at Asus stating that the licenses were assigned to the motherboard upon signing in for the first time with Microsoft and if I didn't sign in I lost my Windows 10 Home License - INCORRECT; I still had my Home license.

Sorry I'm digressing, you could take it apart and risk it but might not be worth it. It may just be a connection issue, I'd take it somewhere though. At a guess I would say 150 - 300 ish?

12-24-2017, 12:18 AM
Is there any chance you may have possibly caused static shock to something? You said it wasn't a complete disassembly, so I don't know how much access you had to components on the mainboard or not. It's possible that either something that was electrically wrong with the screen or cable (possibly a faulty or counterfeit component) caused a MOSFET or other component to blow on the mainboard, or it could be something totally completely unrelated, but just happened to fail because of bad luck. And bad luck sucks but it does happen.

Probably Khenglish over on notebookreview would be the only person who would have enough experience at fixing this, if a component is blown. But this is not going to be fixable by anyone without extensive experience. You can "try" hard flashing a laptop Bios backup with a SPI programmer (Skypro or Skypro II, Pomona 5250 IC clip, male to female cables for connecting the clip to the flasher (like these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZF1ZSZ?pd_rd_i=B01LZF1ZSZ&psc=1&pd_rd_w=cvagw&pd_rd_wg=WHFaA&pd_rd_r=a74e00b9-e83f-11e7-b837-dd209ab8ef09&ref_=pd_luc_rh_sbs_01_01_t_img_lh ) and a 1.8v adapter (this is needed for flashing dead video cards or stuff like TDP modding; you won't need this with a motherboard Bios however). But I highly doubt this is bios corruption, plus this will still cost money and inconvenience.

12-30-2017, 06:01 AM
Hey, thanks for the help Falkentyne.

I've decided to bring my G75VW to Asus service center (in Singapore) next week. It's too risky to try everything by myself. Anyone had experience with Asus in Singapore?
Anything I need to prepare? I removed both hdd (left only one bracket inside) and both the fan filters (just to reduce the chance of them missing while being repaired).

Beside hardware issues, I'm also concerned about my software. If the motherboard needed to be changed, will I lose all of my software license? (Windows, anti-virus and even steam games?) I heard Windows' key is tied to the motherboard.

12-31-2017, 11:28 PM
Steam games are tied to your Steam account, not the Windows key. If they replace the board they will make sure that Windows is activated.

01-06-2018, 04:58 PM
Thanks for the clarification Xeromist. (You replied just before the new year? Well, happy belated new year...!)

I've scheduled to send in my G75VW next Saturday.

I'm staring to think on some 'worst' cases now.
I believe if they replaced the mobo with the same model, I get to keep the content of my previous HDD right? (no need to reinstall everything)

But if they cannot find a replacement mobo, then it cannot be repaired...
Is there any asus laptop that shares the same mobo with G75VW (models that I can still get today).
The idea is I want to avoid doing complete re-install. But I'm still ok with some driver updates...

01-06-2018, 07:07 PM
They may re-image/restore your machine to factory defaults as a troubleshooting option anytime you send your machine in. They won't do it if it's not needed but generally I would recommend saving your files elsewhere just in case.

01-07-2018, 03:40 PM
They may re-image/restore your machine to factory defaults as a troubleshooting option anytime you send your machine in. They won't do it if it's not needed but generally I would recommend saving your files elsewhere just in case.

I did, in fact I swapped the HDD with a new empty HDD (just bought it yesterday).
I store the old HDD in my cabinet. Here's hoping it's still operational...(currently I have no means to check my old HDD's state)

01-07-2018, 10:27 PM
OK, then you're good. But yes, if they don't have to image the drive then you won't have to re-download your games.

01-13-2018, 09:58 AM
I have an update for my issue. A bad news.
So, I went to asus service center (in Singapore) this morning.
After checking the model of my laptop, the guy said:
Asus no longer produce component for G75VW. It's a 5 years old model. Asus stop supporting a model after 4 years.
He also said that it's likely the mobo, but he won't be able to test (becuase he got no spare part to test).
The last hint from him is to go for 3rd party.

I guess I cannot rely on service center anymore... I have to do it myself now...

So, could anyone give me a lead?
How can I replace the mobo?
Can I re-use the cpu & gpu?
It looks like the gpu is not soldered to the board (after googling), but how about the cpu?

I found 1 site that happens to sell a mobo for G75vw DS71 (http://www.laptopinventory.com/ModelDetail.php/Asus/G%20Series/G75VW-DS71/Motherboards%20~%20System/48817).
Is it legit?
Anyone know where I can get the gpu (gtx 660m)? I am also planning to replace it as well... (while I'm at it)

Again, thanks a lot...

01-13-2018, 10:33 AM
Not sure how I missed this thread.

Yes, the G75 models can be upgraded to the following: Link
What is weird is that behavior of your system after the screen replacement closely compares to a corrupted BIOS scenario. Have you tried the JRST2001 shunt near the SO-DIMM slots yet? This will act as an RTC_CLR command, as it performs multiple power cycles (NVRAM configuration tables reset). There is also the BIOS recovery key commands, but I'm going to assume that they won't work if you have no ability to input key commands as nothing is registering properly.

I've seen this model do some strange things in the past. And what you described sure looks to me like a bricked notebook due to a sudden system shutdown. It very well could be that the MB kicked the bucket but I'm doubting it. So depending how far you want to go with this, you could read the SOIC with a hardware programmer (order one online if you don't have one) and if you want, send it to me once you dump it for verification on my suspicion of it being corrupted. If it's found to be, I can repair the corrupted BIOS for you and send it back to be flashed back and see if that recovers your system first before spending money on another MB.

Some food for thought as I've messed with the G75 models a lot. And I do mean a lot!

01-16-2018, 03:04 PM
Hey thanks for the very detailed info Dreamonic!
I've got my hopes up again just by reading your guide!

Currently I'm in desperate need to get any form of computing (and I need it before mid of next month). Ideally, I want to revive my laptop and I'm prepared to spend ~$700 to do that.
After reading your article, I found out that I can even upgrade it (especially the CPU). So I wouldn't mind to spend even a bit more.

The problem is just to get my hands on a brand new component. I've already contacted the online shop I posted before (http://www.laptopinventory.com). But they asked me back the parts number for the component.

Do you have the specific part number for the motherboard and the gpu (gtx 660m) for G75VW DS71?
Or even the cpu as well (maybe the i7-3940XM)?

The firmware/BIOS fix might be too much for me right now. I'm planning to do that after I get the laptop back running (so I can have a backup mobo if I can salvage it).

Again, thanks in advance man! I owe you one.

03-31-2018, 08:10 AM
It's been a while since my last desperate post. I just want to post here in case somebody encounter the same problem.

So, my G75VW worked after I replaced the GPU.
I found an exact same case (with happy ending) in this thread :

So here are my details:
First, I bought a replacement GTX660M from eBay. I also prepared some isopropyl-alcohol & thermal-paste to repaste everything.
I referred to some youtube videos to help me disassemble the laptop. At this point, I realized that some cables were very easy to disconnect (a bit loose?). I'm not sure if this also contributed to my issue. But I did some clean-up anyway.
Once I got into the mobo, I cleaned the old thermal-paste from both the GPU & CPU and both heat-sinks (using the isopropyl). Then re-paste them (I re-pasted the other small components on the GPU that was covered with TIM as well).
I put the new GPU into the mobo and reattach all the cable temporarily.
And then the moment of truth. I powered it up, and I can see the ROG symbol on screen! (no faulty vertical lines too!)
So, I re-assembled everything back.

So far I've tested it lightly (no gaming yet) for 2*24 hours non-stop. The GPU temperature seems to be stable at 38c at idle.
I managed to play FTL for a bit before I had to fly out of town.

So that's it.
I hope my G75VW can stay with me for another 2 years or more...