View Full Version : Where does ASUS get their drivers from? Do they even exist?

12-26-2017, 02:46 AM
I just purchased a Maximus X Hero WIFi and am putting the latest drivers on a usb. Since I know that sometimes the mobo manufacturers website doesn't have the latest drivers, I tend to go directly to the manufacturer themselves. However, I go to the ASUS Support site and see what drivers they list, and for some reason I can't find the equivalent driver anywhere on the manufacturer's website, which prompts me to ask, where the hell is asus getting their drivers from?

For instance, this is one of the intel drivers under the ASUS Support site:

Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver - Version - 2017/08/30

Then I go to the intel site, and the closest thing to a "graphics accelerator" is Intel Graphics Driver for Windows - Version: - 2017/12/17. Now the naming schema of the version # asus is referencing seems to indicate that they're using the microsoft naming schema, rather than the intel one. In either case, the last 4 digits of the version number -- 4758 v 4877 -- should be the same if they are indeed the same driver. In fact, I looked for older versions of the driver to see if I could find some kind of graphics driver that corresponds between ASUS version/date and Intel and couldn't find nothing.

So, either, I'm simply looking at the wrong driver (though then the question is where are these drivers actually listed, cause they're not on intel site), or, where the hell is ASUS getting these drivers from?

I'm trying to find the latest versions for all the drivers I need and I can't even find the drivers ASUS is listing on any of the manufacturers sites. Hence my frustration.

12-26-2017, 08:40 AM
If you require the latest drivers then use the device manufacturers drivers not Asus. Asus don't update their drivers very often, same with Microsoft, for instance, MS's Nvidia drivers are usually at least two versions behind Nvidia's. In the case you quote I doubt it would make much difference( if any at all) which of those drivers you install.

12-26-2017, 12:14 PM
I don't know ASUS's driver qualification process but they put there exec. file in the driver package so the numbering could be a little off but should always work. the latest can be found like stated above, on a brand new board I use the drivers from ASUS included CD, ( I did this on my X Hero Wifi as I do with all my ASUS boards), it does a very good job of installing any needed drivers and can always be updated later as needed. Graphics drivers get updated so often they are always better to be obtained directly from manufacturers site but it does no harm to update after you install drivers from ASUS first