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12-27-2017, 11:25 AM
(Edit) see my next post down under ... RGB Failure is a manufactor failure with lose cable connector at many boards*


first i have to say sorry for my bad english....

i have build for XMAS my new Build with.

-Asus Strix Z370-F Gaming Board (first time Asus Boards after ASRock)
-i7 8700k (header mod)
-G.Skill 16gig Trident Z RGB DDR4-3600MHz
-Asus Strix 1080ti OC

i think the Aura Sync feature for all components with one tool has moved me from asrock to asus with all...

but im very disappointed

the RGB led on the Board didnt work... i have updated Bios to 0605 ... turn off and on the RGB Settings in Bios ... reset Bios with Jumper... go out of power etc... but DONT WORK !!! no leds... only on the Asus Strix 1080ti....

the newest Aura App 1.05.28 dont work on windows 10... the install process will beginn with a failure Aio.sys bla bla file wont load....
i can start this app, ok. but only the GPU 1080ti RGB shows up in this app... no Mainboard and no RAM...

more question than a failure...
what do you think about my VCCIO and System Agent Voltage @8700k out off the box without OC and only with XMP Profil for this ram with 3600MHz and the right timings...

VCCIO 1.328V on Auto
System Agent 1.384 - 1.392V on Auto**

with 3200MHz it is about 1.2xxV*

i read that 1,2 is the max ??? is it ? or is this all good with new Rams at this high MHz ?

iam very thankful for any help...

what i can do with this board now ? * why cost this piece of s..... 200€ about ?*


12-27-2017, 01:30 PM
You are not the only one to feel disappointed by this 200€ motherboard... And you did not mention the audio crackling issue yet.
I have bought the same one, and use the same Trident kit (if you took the CAS 16 DIMM), so I can share my settings with you (but there is no insurance it will work for yours, as it depends on the IMC capability of the CPU): 1.05V for VCCIO and 1.10V for VCCSA (entered values under UEFI BIOS, slightly higher values measured by monitoring software). Stable under Passmark MemTest86.
Hope it will help you.

12-27-2017, 01:33 PM
The SA and IO voltages typically get set high on defaults to account for CPU's with weak memory controllers and should be set manually when using high speed memory, it is a little trial and error because to high can cause stability issues same as to low, try around 1.2 to 1.25 for 3600mhz, every CPU memory combination is unique and requires some tuning

There are several posts about the RGB issue you state and there is a file to download that may help reset these, use the forum search function to find the correct thread

12-27-2017, 02:10 PM
Thanks Guys !!!

and i have found the problem for RGB Failure.
in another thread of this forum some users talk about the same problem... it is a big production failure on many boards...
there are some cable not correct mounted under the shroud !

i have attached a picture !

because of the Voltages.... what do you think is the maximum voltage for this two thinks on this hardware configuration ? 1,30 both ? 1,35 ? or 1,25 and 1,30 ??!?!?

01-04-2018, 06:22 AM
There are several posts about the RGB issue you state and there is a file to download that may help reset these, use the forum search function to find the correct thread

Can you please help with that file? I can't find it and I'm suffering this issue too. No light on the mobo RGB on "working state" after Windows updates and flashing 0605 BIOS. RGB lightning is working ok when the system is sleep, hibernate or power off. Both options are set "on" in BIOS Onboard Devices Configuration.

01-04-2018, 02:18 PM
I have the same your configuration ....

- Asus Strix Z370-F Gaming Board
- i7 8700k
- G.Skill 16gig Trident Z RGB DDR4-3200MHz ..... you have 3600
- Asus Strix 1080ti OC

- mouse gladius 2
- 5 RGB fans Cooler Master
- Led stripe 5050
- AIO Water Block RGB

All works fine with Aura (sometimes sw get 10% on cpu) ... for memory try 1.2 for VCCIO & VCCSA ... DRAM voltage 1,3530

I think that your problems are from aura SW ...

P.S. Sorry I forgot to tell you that my cpu is clocked @4.7 sync all cores ...

07-02-2018, 09:51 AM
i didn't want to open a new thread,, so i'll add a post here..

i owe a strix Z370G mainboard and I'm using 32Gb (2x16GB) of g.skill (F4-3600C17D-32GTZR) ram.
so far i was not able to post with the xmp 3600mhz profile - no matter what i tried.

at 3400mhz it works like a charm; at least in terms of stability. leaving vccsa and vccio on auto gives me a quite high voltages of 1.28v for sa and 1.328v for IO too.
vcc for dram is set to 1.3530v but tools show 1.344v.

i was able to set vccio to 1.1125v and vccsa to 1.1625v and the system is stable. (i could also use 1.05v vccio and 1.10v vccsa but then sometimes several post attempts are needed to boot)
also changing the timings from cl 17-19-19-39 to 16-16-16-36 (like used on the 3400 variant of my g.skill kit) works perfectly fine.

however playing with vccdram (up to 1.41v) and vccio/vccsa dind't help to get past post @3600mhz ram.

seems the auto-settings for voltage are not working as good as they should (i've found other owners having same problems on some german forums, i.e computerbase.de) ; tbh i'm a bit dissapointed about the auto voltage regulattion regarding the premium price asus is asking for their rog mainboards...
obviously the r&d needs to do some extra improvment cycles on the uefi and especially g.skill ram kits...

07-03-2018, 07:08 AM
For me, its the same siutuation with a Maximus X Formula.

Ive got two 16 GB Modules of F4-3600C17D-32GTZR and XMP wont work. Not even with Vccsa of 1,20 V and Vccio of 1,168 V.
Overvolting RAM itself is useless too.

I decided not wanting to push Vccsa/Vccio even higher, so for the moment Im okay with a frequency of 3466 MHz and latecies of 16-17-17-35 clocks.

When the next BIOS update (1503) occurs, perhaps Im going to optimize secondary latencies.