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ROG Strix Hero Edition is built for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena heroes, optimized to deliver a competitive edge in MOBA games such as League of Legends and Dota® 2, as well as RTS and RPG titles. The laptop is built with powerful Intel® Core™i7 processors, awesome NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 10-Series graphics and Windows 10 . Strix Hero Edition packs a rich-color, 120Hz wide-view display and a desktop-style keyboard that’s made for victory, with N-key rollover for fast, precise response to your every input and a 20-million-key-press lifetime for ultimate reliability.



Gameplay in MOBAs can be just as hectic as in shooters, but the nature of holding and fighting within lanes keeps the action largely contained to one area. Because you don’t experience the same constant scene changes, ghosting and blurring is less likely than in FPS games, and there’s little need for the super-fast response time of the Scar’s TN panel. Instead, the Hero features a 15.6” 1080p IPS-type display with vivid, consistent colors visible over wide viewing angles. A 120Hz refresh rate ensures fluid motion in the heat of the battle and keeps input lag to a minimum.

Maya Pattern Design:


The notebook is adorned by the ROG’s signature Mayan patterns and distinctive dark blue accents. The ROG logo at the back adorns the mayan pattern with a red glow when the laptop is turned on. This adds to the MOBA Genre of the laptop and makes the gamers comfortable playing LOL or DOTA 2 etc...


Spec Sheet:




The left side of the laptop contains the power port, RJ-45 for connecting to the LAN, Mini-Display port, HMDI port, 2 USB 3.1 type-A ports and the Mic & headphone combo port. By keeping all the main ports on the left side, the HERO Edition makes a huge difference in making the wire free user experience when handling the mouse.
The right side contains the card reader, USB Type-C port, 1x USB 3.1 Type –A, 1xUSB2.0, Kensington lock. With this the laptop is totally connected for all your MOBA experience.


A Responsive 120 HZ Display with Vivid colors made for MOBA Games



With the 120Hz , Wide- view display on Strix Hero Edition! The high refresh rate decimates lag, so the whole game world is clearer and smoother. The IPS level panel delivers 100% sRGB gamut, providing consistent light intensity, improved contrast, color accuracy and fidelity. The 300cd/m2 panel delivers visuals that are upto 20% brighter than low-end IPS Panels. You can differentiate enemies easily – no matter how frantic the Action. Strix Hero Edition’s display also enables viewing at extreme angles of upto 178* vertically and horizontally.


The ROG Strix Hero edition has a 72% NTSC and 100 % SRGB color gamut. The brightness in the screen is of 300 cd/m2, which makes it 20 % more brighter than any other IPS panels.
The term color gamut refers to the range of colors a device can reproduce, the larger or wider the gamut the more rich saturated colors available.
100%sRGB can display all the colors within the sRGB color gamut. A screen with 72% NTSC is equivalent to 100% of sRGB.
sRGB defines the quality of the red, green, and blue primaries, the colors where one of the three channels is nonzero and the other two are zero. The gamut of quality of color can be represented in sRGB is the color triangle defined by these primaries. As with any RGB color space, for non-negative values of R, G, and B it is not possible to represent colors outside this triangle, which is well inside the range of colors visible to a human with normal tri-chromatic vision.

120Hz Refresh rate Display:


The ROG Strix Hero Edition comes with the best in class 120Hz refresh rate monitor in a notebook. This offers more stable game play in your MOBA games.
A 60Hz panel only refreshes 60 times per second and limiting what we see to 60FPS. But for a powerful gaming laptop which constantly gives more than 60 fps, the need of a higher refresh rate monitor arises. Here normally the V-Sync is switched on, So that it caps the FPS 60 but also makes the game with more lag.
The 120Hz panel refreshes the 120 times per second which is twice that of the regular 60Hz panel. This will eliminate the blur and gives the gameplay more real.

178* Wide View display:


The Wide View feature offers the gamers to look at the smooth game play up to 178* horizontally as well as vertically.



The keyboard for the ROG Strix Hero Edition was designed keeping in mind the MOBA Gamers and with the help of the gamers the looks, feel and usability was improved. The Desktop like keyboard layout was created with the function keys and more isolation for the arrow keys. A dedicated hotkeys for quick access to volume, mute and ROG Gaming Center utility lies in top left of the keyboard.


The laptop features a full-size keyboard with separate numeric keys, a 0.25mm deep curved keycap with a 1.8mm key stroke with ROG's exclusive Over stroke technology.
The ROG Strix GL503 HERO has an Anti-Ghosting Keyboard with N-Key roll over. This greatly helps the gamers while playing. As Gamers press the keyboard for very fast actions, other keyboards might miss a key press which will result in game loss. But in GL503 with the N key roll over, we can press 30 keys simultaneously and it will still register the correct key presses.

Exclusive Highlighted QWER keys:


In the Keyboard layout for the ROG Strix Hero Edition, The QWER Keys has been exclusively highlighted plus re-in forced for fast pressing. This has been done keeping the MOBA gamers use of QWER keys in game.

Over Stroke Technology:


ROG-exclusive Overstroke technology applies to every key you press, ensuring perfectly-pitched maximum peak force of 62 grams-force (gf). Key presses are registered early, accurately and with extended over stroke technology – and that means faster and smoother control.
Each key has 1.8 mm of travel complemented by our Over stroke technology, which moves the actuation point closer to help you keep up with the rapid, repeated action required by fast-paced gameplay. Support for n-key rollover allows precise recognition of many simultaneous keystrokes. The keyboard also comes with a guaranteed 20 Million presses.
Aura RGB backlighting is the cherry on top, bringing customizable backlighting that lets you set different colors and effects across four distinct zones using our intuitive Aura Core software.
In the upper left corner of the keyboard is equipped with four quick function keys, the top right you can find the most important power button, the lower tooth along the touchpad, support for gesture operations and multi-touch function.


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Strix HERO Edition delivers clearer, louder, and more accurate audio so every action sounds real, all powerfully delivered through two expansive side-firing speakers. With this immersive stereo audio, even the quietest sounds can be heard, so you’ll pick up on every hidden movement. Smart-amplifier technology monitors the audio output and makes real-time adjustments, so you can pump up the volume without worrying about damaging the cones — and that makes output up to 200% louder than before, with increased dynamic range and bass. ROG’s Sonic Studio even offers in-game noise cancellation and voice-volume stabilization, boosting everything you can hear to enhance your performance. Every little advantage aids your march to victory — and Strix HERO Edition ensures you hear every precise audio cue.


Two expansive side-firing speakers. With this immersive stereo audio, even the quietest sounds can be heard, so you’ll pick up on every hidden movement.


The Laptop tested here has a Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB graphics, 16 GB of DDR4-2400 RAM, a 256 GB NVMe PCIE SSD and a 1 TB 5400 rpm Fire Cuda SSHD.



Built-in Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2.80GHz processor, and uses the Intel HM175 fast chipset, the processor is four-core eight-thread architecture, and with 6MB L3 cache.


Fire Cuda SSHD:

Fast storage in a gaming notebook is a must since its responsible for system responsiveness and game load times. The ROG Strix SCAR Edition offers SSHD storage so you can have 1TB of storage with performance that’s faster than standard hard drives.


The Seagate FireCuda SSHD is a hybrid drive that combines the large capacity of a hard drive with 8GB of NAND memory. The SSHD intelligently learns usage patterns and moves frequently used files to the flash memory so the system gets faster the more you use it for faster boot times and SSD-like system responsiveness.
The Storage options and the RAM slot are very easily accessible through a dedicated D-Door feature of the ROG Strix GL503 Scar. By just unscrewing only 1 screw , You can upgrage your RAM and storage.






Strix Hero Edition has an intelligent thermal design that employs heat pipes and dual fans to automatically adjust the cooling system for optimized CPU and GPU performance. The specially-crafted venting holes above the keyboard and in the bottom of the laptop allow more intake of cool air. The upgraded 12V fans, which spin at higher speeds compared to traditional 5V blades, drive strong airflow to boost cooling efficiency, so you’re free to run the CPU and GPU at full speed without thermal throttling. An additional fan-boost function further increases cooling performance and guarantees total stability during even the most intense games.

Air Vents on Top and Bottom:



To give more room for air flow, Vents have been created on top & bottom of the laptop. This creates easier air flow and keeps the laptop at very low temperatures even with intense load.
The Laptop tested didn’t go above 68 Degrees even with playing Tomb Rider at the ultra-settings. With a cool laptop in the hand game play is as smooth as ever.


We put the ROG Strix Hero Edition through Various Benchmarks, Below are results of some of the famous benchmarks available.





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Above are the values with ROG Strix Hero Edition in testing DOTA 2 Game in Ultra Settings with 120Hz refresh rate. Here we can see the Average FPS of the Game is around 115, which is very stable for the game to be played enhancing the gaming experience.




Gaming center:


The ROG Gaming Center is a 1 stop application for all the needs of the user. It can be opened by pressing the dedicated ROG Key on top of the keyboard.The complete device information is displayed on the left and the speed of CPU & GPU is displayed at the center. The Gaming center has a number of options from freeing up RAM Space, ROG Game Visual, Setting up Gaming profiles.


ROG Aura:


After Selecting the ROG Aura App, Select Zone Mode Select BreathSelect Colour CombinationClick Apply . We can set upto 3 different profiles in the AURA App.

Game First IV:


The Game First IV application can be opened from ROG Gaming Center. Here we can see all the applications which are currently running in the laptop. This greatly enhances the gameplay because the games get exclusive bandwidth from the network.


We can assign the priority for applications to use the internet. We can also block an application here from using the network. Here users can access the network information being used in the computer.

Xplit Game Caster:


Whether improving your high scores, tearing through a difficult boss or simply playing a game whilst a friend or family member watches your progress, it’s likely at some point in time if you’ve played a game; you’ve done it in the presence of others.
Now thanks to ever improving internet bandwidth speeds and popular video platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Hitbox, players are able to share their gameplay live as it happens for the world to see.
Live Streaming and recording gameplay has allowed for gamers to create communities that span continents, connect with far-flung friends and above all else share their favorite pastime with the world.


Here we can link our Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter accounts and directly live stream to these platforms. Just need to click Authorize to stream and it will pop up an authentication window where we need to give the access to xplit to use the platform.
After setting up the account, In the settings tab we can change the stream settings on what quality to play, to use In- Game overlays or not Etc.


After setting up the Xplit, We just need to open the game and press the CTRL+TAB hotkey to open up the Xplit In game overlay. Here when we click the Stream Button, It will automatically start to stream in the different Platforms of Twitch, YouTube or Facebook. We can also record our Game Play using Xplit without Streaming and use the video afterwards.

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