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02-03-2018, 02:58 PM
I have been searching but haven't found the answer I'm looking for yet.
I have a G751j-VS71 and am trying to figure out the HDD configurations I can use. I know it has 2 HDD bays and a m.2 slot, however it looks as if I use the 2 HDD bays I wouldn't be able to use the m.2 slot. Is it possible to use all three at the same time?

02-03-2018, 04:12 PM
Yes, it can be accomplished, the SSD 2.5 in port on will have to have the case removed from the circuit board. Look way back in the forum and you'll find all this info and which SSD you need to use. One member even printed out a caddy to hold the M.2. Slot 1 will have to hold an M.2 and a 2.5 SSD port 2 is SATA 2 so it doesn't matter what you put in there.

AEOLISIO threads from a COUPLE of years ago he still may have some of the adapters or BE ABLE to direct you to them

02-03-2018, 04:48 PM
My good friend had a 500gb Samsung 850evo SSD removed from the case & a 250gb m.2 installed. He used a little heat protection pad between the drives & electrical tape to hold them in place. I was skeptical about it but It was actually very sturdy & held up really well. If I remember correctly all 3 drives (4 with DVD caddy) are plug & play. Even using the 2 in a single bay.