View Full Version : Weird screen/sleep/shutdown/startup issues on g752. Laptop display only works on batt

02-08-2018, 06:34 PM
Left my laptop on a job site and came back to some very peculiar problems.
Laptop will not turn on while plugged in
When the laptop is on and the plug is plugged in, the back-lit keyboard and display turn off and the power button is no longer illuminated. much like going to sleep
If an external monitor is plugged in and I hit the keys, it will awake on the external display only, prompting a log in. if power is unplugged then the backlit keyboard and built in display promptly turn on.
Disabling hibernation and adjusting power settings does nothing to help the problem
Disabling the built-in nvidia 965m card produces some interesting results. It makes it so that the computer does not go to sleep when the power is plugged in. The HDMI out still works to an external monitor, the built-in display remains off. When power is unplugged the back-lit keyboard awakes as before.
I had teamviewer installed which I uninstalled and I changed my pnp monitor driver to generic pnp driver.
I have an egpu that works perfectly well with the machine
If I turn power off with the laptop plugged in, I have to discharge the board unplugged before it will reboot from battery only.

No matter what I do the conditions remain the same, cannot turn on with power plugged in, and when power is on, and power is plugged in, the built-in display turns off and the computer goes to sleep.

In my attempts to repair, their was a point when the 965m card was missing a driver. At this point the laptop screen works at 0 brightness and did not have the sleep/power issue. when unplugged, screen brightness went to 100%, when plugged in it went to 0%. no manner of disabling battery or monitor drivers helped control the brightness

As soon as the power cord touches the pin, the computer does what I described.
This, to me, mostly points to a problem with my graphics card. What baffles me is that it functions perfectly when the power is unplugged

graphics card has been flashed and updated driver, bios has been flashed

02-09-2018, 03:18 AM
Just a follow up, the laptop reacts to the power supply at startup so this must be hardware related. I tested my power supply with a multi-meter and it is working as intended. Something must be grounding the system out somehow. Assuming it its the power jack circuit board, just ordered one on ebay and will return with results for anyone facing similar issues.