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The Downsizing Or Closing of Schools in the United States - What Does it Mean? How to write college essays then?
All schools across the country are having to tighten the belt on their budgets. According to one source, more than half the states have to reduce their budgets by trillions of dollars. In some cases this means huge layoffs (CA 20 000 teachers and other staff members). Other areas may be dispensed or consolidate positions. What is happening in our schools? How does this affect the education of our children?
As a parent and a teacher, I fear for our youth. They may lose the sports programs, music, arts and various other special programs. After school programs may be interested, as well as, tutoring, books, supplies, and teacher education. Class sizes could become even greater. More stress will be placed on students, faculty and staff in general to play.
What to do? As parents we can do something, if we become one voice. We need to write our representatives, senators, and all state legislators. We should write a letter to the President stating our dissatisfaction with what is happening in our schools.
Not all these budget cuts are due to what is happening with our economy. Some of these can be attributed to poor management of funds allocated to schools. Schools should be run more like a business. After all, they are in the business of educating our young people.
Why spend money every year, other new books, not everything in those books year on year changes. Of course, I wonder why the cost of textbooks is so high (most are over $ 100 each). Math is a prime example, science and English. If the books are still usable, why not buy the supplements, if necessary? Mode> / Other p> we could save money would be to get teachers and staff members to turn off the television in the classroom. Do you know how many televisions are used as the bell and tell the time? Is it really necessary? It seems to me that one of television costs about $ 200 a year to run. Multiply that by how many televisions are in every school and watching a considerable amount of money saved by the school district.
There has been much talk of going green in this country. How many schools use solar power? I seem to recall that two schools have taught I had solar panels. But they were only used to heat water. How about finding a way in which schools could rely less on utilities and more to produce their own energy? This could be a great science project for students.
Another way to save money for our schools could be a recycling effort. Does anyone realize how schools throw away each year? The school I taught a few years ago, had a recycling program of the newspapers. The only problem was that it did not work very well. Students placed in charge of collecting documents often forget. The staff janitor throw papers left in class and recycling companies do not always take time, leaving the documents that blows around campus.
I'm sure if we put our heads together, you could find ways to help save our schools.


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