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  1. Update

    Update - the mobo stayed 1 week in a hardware professional service. Result ? Zero-zero They could not find what it's wrong with it...
    So I had to buy a Z97 Fatal1ty Killer...

    @Re@per - thanks, I...
  2. ROG Maximus VII Hero Z97 starts ONLY after heated with a hair dryer

    Hi guys, please help !

    I have a desktop 4 years old:

    Mobo ROG Mazimus Hero VII Z97
    CPU i7-4790k socket 1150
    RAM 4x8 DDR3 Kingston Fury
    PSU BeQuiet PurePower 730W
    GPU Asus Strix Nvidia...
  3. Replies

    Sticky: Hi guys, I'm Danny and I own a ROG !

    Hi guys, I'm Danny and I own a ROG !
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