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  1. Do you even take feedback/requests or service seriously?

    This is as much a general question as it is a specific one, because my personal experiences with staff and agents alike is plain laughable.

    I am not the only one to make specific requests about a...
  2. Isn't is lovely that once again, quality of life...

    Isn't is lovely that once again, quality of life requests get ignored.
    Hardly a massive ask for the adjustment of fan curves but I'm hazarding a guess that since this model is pretty much...
  3. New drivers use more power, more aggressive A15 fan curve request

    I almost hate myself for asking for this yet again.

    With all the Windows 11 rubbish going on I have stayed with 10 as I don't wish to have my performance nerfed 20% on the Ryzen platform.
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    Manual RAM tweaking?

    Serious question instead of just flaming your poor effort with this laptop.
    I recently attempted to use Thaiphoon Burner to adjust timings on my RAM since you guys bottleneck speeds via...
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    Any updates on BIOS reviews?

    Here I am again inquiring about quality of life updates on the A15 FA506QR.

    There has been no BIOS updates for the machine, nothing useful in the Armoury crate for fans either.
    I am not the only...
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    You know what really takes the piss? I'm pretty...

    You know what really takes the piss?
    I'm pretty sure I won't have been the only person asking for fan controls or a better BIOS for this machine, but what is really annoying is the new version of...
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    Another FA506QR flaw.

    Even after the odd AC update, the fan profiles still aren't better and I still don't get to adjust the curves.
    No BIOS updates to allow the iGPU a proper allocation of RAM...

    Now for the latest...
  8. FA506QR VEGA 8 VRAM allocation throttling performance.

    I needed to make a new one otherwise altering the old one would be ignored. Machine is the FA506QR, 5800H, RTX 3070 with the 16gb RAM, 1TB NVME and the 240hz screen.

    It is again on the subject of...
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    I honestly hope so. There are many reviews that...

    I honestly hope so.
    There are many reviews that this laptop is too hot and underpowered.
    It needs a better BIOS and the whole "should have bought a RoG" doesn't sit with me when this costs as...
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    A15 fa506qr bios.

    So I fixed the terrible thermal solution in the laptop.
    That said, this laptop REALLY NEEDS FAN CONTROL, either in the BIOS or the Armoury.
    if you would like the reason why take a look in product...
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    A15 FA506QR top model.

    When I first got this machine I was pretty impressed, maybe I was blinded by the lights though.
    So where do I begin?

    I had made a request in feedback pathways a few times and also have seen...
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    TUF Gaming A15 5800H top model.

    Why does it seem that you guys purposefully hold this model back?

    I had mentioned before manual fan control was needed to keep temps lower, was it sorted in recent updates and BIOS revisions? No....
  13. I don't mean to be rude, but it isn't normal, it...

    I don't mean to be rude, but it isn't normal, it worked before and now has suddenly stopped.
    If this is "standard" ASUS problems, this may be the last device of theirs I get. It's a simple enough...
  14. FN Keyboard backlight keys not working?

    Apologies if this is the wrong area to bring this up, but still.

    I rarely use the RGB lights on my 2021 A15, but it was a novel feature and all the functions worked as should. Recently I was...
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    2021 A15 thermals?

    I was wondering if anyone has repasted the A15 at all?

    I'm tempted to use Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and maybe the K5 pro on the VRMs and ram chips to improve thermals.
    Has anyone done any...
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    Thing is, I have altered fan profiles on a...

    Thing is, I have altered fan profiles on a "manual" profile for my friends RoG laptop, hexcore intel with a 2060. That worked fine for me, well... her.
    The fans kick in earlier and will hit 100%...
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    Why give up? I mean their software is quite...

    Why give up?
    I mean their software is quite capable of doing it, especially since it's designed to run with their hardware.
    Laptops especially, which is where my problem lays. I have 1600quid...
  18. Thank you, I appreciate it. I just hope this is...

    Thank you, I appreciate it. I just hope this is acted on.
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    Suggestions for the Devs.

    I personally think there should be no difference in AC between RoG and Tuf models.
    There are a lot of substantial hardware differences between the 2 instead of applying silly fan and profile...
  20. 2021 Tuf A15 feedback and suggestions.

    I am the proud owner of the new A15, on the whole I am really pleased with the laptop.
    It's a powerful machine, it looks great and handles everything I can throw at it so far.

    My problem with it...
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