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    Asus gl703 screen...??

    A few months ago I have my GL703gm laptop and the only problem I detect is that when I close the lid and then open it my computer starts but the screen remains off
    The power options are set...
  2. How to copy/clone gl703gm Os to new ssd..??

    hello, I just bought the rog gl703gm notebook and I guess the OS is preinstalled on the SSD, if I change that disk for a Samsung evo 960 as I do to copy the partition to the new disk .. ??

    is a...
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    Asus GL703...???

    hello, I can not find information so I ask the experts ... I like the ASUS GL703 notebook, but it is only with nvidia gtx 1050 and 1060, I would like to know if they manufactured one with GTX 1070 .....
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