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  1. 7002 is Stable, but based on memory may need more tweaking.

    I hear you about the stability problems. This has been the first ASUS board in a long time that has given me multiple teething problems well into what should be it maturity. I think part of that goes...
  2. I would check your memory

    I would check your memory. I had issues with my Corsair Vengeance Pro and found out one of the sticks was bad. Once I got my replacement it seemed to work perfectly, allowing me to crank them up...
  3. 7002 DDR-3400Mhz using Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB with Hynix

    Upon further testing I am booting into Windows 10 at DDR4-3400 and 3466MHz speeds. I have listed the current settings for DDR4-3400 using Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 3200Mhz with Hynix chips OC to...
  4. 7002 Bios is much more refined and stable

    Ok so I have played with Bios 7002 long enough so far to tell that it is much more stable and refined, and the fixes paired with memory optimizations and the new AGESA are finally showing, as I was...
  5. 7002 is Official Now. Time to test it out

    Asus just dropped Bios 7002 with some further refinements and a fix to Precision Boost. Below is all the fixes and updates.

    1. Update AM4 ComboPI for...
  6. Problems with current Bios but 7002 Bios is incoming and will support Zen2 Ryzen 3000

    Yeah I tried Bios Flashback and it is a Bust. This Bios is problematic. Certain things look promising but overall issues. I want to say part of the reason may be that this is a lead up Bios to the...
  7. Ok so did run into serious issues with this BIOS

    After playing with this Bios further, I am finding out alot of my previous tweaks don't work as well, and even some small pushes can cause a Q-code infinity loop of sorts that the board gets stuck in...
  8. Looks like ASUS may of taken the time to test this Bios out and tweaked memory

    I just updated the Bios and it's looking good so far. I want to say ASUS took their sweet old time to test the Bios out as it is even dated back in March. Also looks like they made some tweaks to the...
  9. I don't buy Flagship boards to than be treated like the ugly step child

    Yeah this is really beginning to be a messed up situation. I am just hoping they get thier act together and release an update. I can accept if there was some big suprise update and that was why it...
  10. Starting to wonder if Asus if prepping for the new Bios

    I am now seeing other updates on the C6E support page, including the first update to the AI Suite III in a long time. I am hoping this may be a sign that a new Bios update is coming soon. Just hate...
  11. Asus Crosshair VI Extreme still waiting on Bios 6808

    I see Asus launched a new bios with AGESA 0070 and it is available on the Crosshair VI Hero boards but so far not the Crosshair VI Extreme flagship. I get the flagship board has more features and...
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    Need a better and polished Bios update past 6201

    I was thinking the same thing. I can see other Tier 1 Board vendors have updated their Bios and are adding features or fixes along with updating the AGESA firmware. I just built my system towards a...
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    Sticky: Crosshair VI Extreme with 6201 Bios bug

    I upgraded the C6E to Bios 6201, and now am noticing a few issues. The fan controls, are buggy and when disabling Q-Fan in the Bios, the ASUS AI Suite now cannot read the temps correctly and using...
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    New bios after 6201 for tyhe Crosshair VI Extreme

    Well if that is the case, they would need to release it Tomorrow or Tuesday. Hoping AGESA is also a finally tuned update for the memory. I know I am using memory that isn't on the QVL, but...
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    New bios after 6201 for tyhe Crosshair VI Extreme

    Anyone know when a new Bios will be released? I currently am using Bios 6201 on my Asus Rog Crosshair VI Extreme, but have noticed a few little quarks in it, such as it looks like the memory is...
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    Bios 6201 on ASUS C6E working very well now with non-QVL Corsair DDR4-3600 Memory

    I have the Asus ROG Crosshair VI Extreme Motherboard, and without paying attention to the QVL list, ended up buying Corsair Vengeance RGB CMR16GX4M2C3600C18. I was able to get them stable at 3200...
  17. Sleep/Wake Q-Code 33 error with C6E Bios 6101 and Corsair RGB Memory OC

    Update #2: So I flashed the Bios back to 3502 and have the timings currently at 16-16-16-36 at DDR4-3200 with 1.35V and have to say the PC is now fully stable with no error codes, even when coming...
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    Upgrading from C6H/E to C7H is not a big enough upgrade and not worth the money

    I would say there is no need to upgrade from the C6H to the C7H as there is no real tangible benefits, other than StoreMI or the additional M.2 slot. I have the Crosshair VI Extreme, with a Ryzen...
  19. I am having no problems with Corsair memory

    I have tried both 6004 and 6101 Bios' and I like some of the new features such as the ability to turn off not only the Start/Reset internal buttons, but also the Q-Code, so that the only light...
  20. May be setting in Bios and not a Bug.

    I don't think it is a bug you are experiencing. I am running a Ryzen 1700 3.0Ghz 8C/16T processor and have it overclocked 3.45Ghz currently with Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4-3600 C18 memory currently...
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