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  1. Update

    So I wanted to give you all an update since I received my laptop back today.
    To my surprise yet, not surprise, it *is* charging with this new adapter. However, I'm not completely 100% convinced it...
  2. Celebrate 30 days without my laptop with me!

    I've officially hit the one month mark since my first RMA and since I've had a functional laptop in my posession. Still without any real help.
    Pop open a bottle of bubbly with me. Here's to the...
  3. Rma

    I'll even give you all the second RMA number just in case someone here actually wants to help. Would love a number to ASUS HQ.
    Rma No:USCYJB2140
  4. BUYER BEWARE: The last Asus/ROG product I'll ever buy...

    I've loved Asus products since I bought my first laptop. I've had so little problems with them I thought they were as invincible as a 90's nokia phone. Until my first gaming laptop, the GL503V. This...
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