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  1. Should I go 32 Gb memory now, to save hassle in future?

    I've just built my new games machine and happy with it.

    The mainboard can support the i9-9900 chip, and I expect that some time in the future I'll probably buy this chip, or possibly a more...
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    Mem OK! Switch - on or off?

    Am a bit confused with this switch on the mainboard. The manual says it is switched on by default.

    If memory is functioning ok, does it need to be left on all the time?
  3. This is the memory I have ordered, 2x16Gb...

    This is the memory I have ordered, 2x16Gb 3000Mhz.
  4. That's very useful to know. Could you please...

    That's very useful to know.

    Could you please be so kind to tell me the step-by-step procedure of BIOS settings to alter/enter after booting up for first time with these memory sticks installed?
  5. Memory settings advice for 3000Mhz sticks on maximus Xi hero board

    I'll be installing 2x16Gb crucial XMP 3000Mhz sticks into this board.

    Do I need to make any changes in the bios?

    Does the motherboard somehow 'read' the memory sticks and automatically adjusts...
  6. Thanks for explaining that. Would I be at any...

    Thanks for explaining that.

    Would I be at any disadvantage in going with QVO's ?

    They are significantly cheaper to buy than EVO's.

    Are we sure we're not missing something here?
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  8. Samsung EVO or QVO SSD for maximus xi hero board?

    According to the device QVL document for this motherboard, it only lists the Samsung EVO SSD as suitable device, not the QVO.

    Does that mean the cheaper Samsung QVO SSDs wouldn't work with the...
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    Air cooler for i9-9900k ?

    I've never used a liquid cooler, so not comfortable with it.

    I'm aware that the i9-9900k processor turbo boosts itself to 4.7Ghz, and I may want to overclock in the future.

    Can anyone recommend...
  10. Thanks for confirming that, though I do wonder...

    Thanks for confirming that, though I do wonder why there is no mention of hyperthreading in the manual:
  11. Does the maximus Xi hero support hyper threading?

    It says absolutely nothing in the manual about hyper threading and no hyper threading settings in bios.

    The board supports i9-9900k which has 8c/16t.

    Anyone confirm one way or another?
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    Thanks for answering my questions, useful...

    Thanks for answering my questions, useful information to help for my forthcoming build. I have three further questions – for now…

    They relate to building a RAID system:

    1) There appears to be...
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    Questions for Strix X299-XE gaming board

    I intend on buying this board soon and have a few questions:

    1) Will dual channel memory configuration work for a processor that says it supports quad channel memory?

    2) What is the onboard...
  14. Thanks, I didn't realise there was a space...

    Thanks, I didn't realise there was a space between m/b and 'backplate' of casing.
  15. Which CPU cooler for i7-8700x CPU and Strix x299-XE m/b?

    I'm finding the choice of CPU coolers extremely confusing. The last time I built a rig, the coolers came with the CPUs! Now it appears to be one of the most complicated aspects of PC building...
  16. Is the casing CPU back-plate and motherboard CPU in alignment for CPU cooler?

    I'm intending on building a rig with a Asus Strix X299 - XE main board:
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