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  1. that's reallly strange

    the strangest is that all other functions of the stick are working

    I can easely associate a key on all directions of the stick and it's work perfectly
    But when I associate a macro nothing...
  2. the macros here

    yes my macros are create in armoury crate

    sorry for the language I'm french
  3. Buuuuuuuuuut!

    now that's my macros wich not works...
  4. thank you

    it works

    thanks you guys
  5. it's different for me

    on my steam client I see 5 differents controllers attached to my rog chakram core92657
  6. the problem is already here

    it's make 4 mounth that I got my rog chakram core and I still can't use it in games
  7. A controller is detected but...

    Now steam detect something but the rog chakram core is detected as 5 differents controllers (possiblely 1 per button or entry)

    it seems to need more work to work exactly as in this video by asus:...
  8. strange

    the strangest is that some games recognize the stick but not steam
    it's like it was just a steam problem

    I tested with another PC with armoury crate and it still not working

    and beside all...
  9. it's not working for me

    I use a rog chakram core and it's not working on steam

    I did everything noticed here and nothing seems to to work
    steam not detect the rog chakram core as a controler

    it seems that the stick...
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